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Odd Future Pop Up Tour Toronto

12 March 2012, 22.49 | Posted in Music, retail | 2 comments »

OFWGKTA continues their pop-up mission this weekend with the opening of a shop in T-Dot. Between Canadian money being on some baller shit and Canadians down to buy anything connected to hip hop, chances are its going to be a success. The OF pop up hits NYC on March 20, full Toronto info and tour schedule after the jump.

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  1. kevrockinoddfuture:

    i was lucky enough to see odd future last time i was out in new york… man oh man those guys kill it! can’t wait for the dope mixtape they’re coming out with in just a week from now!

    it’s sick to see some tagging around the city for OF, I keep seeing more and more in so. california

  2. d203music:

    I’ve been seeing some of those tags up here in Boston too. The new video for Rella is absolutely insane! Couldn’t believe they got away with half the things they did in that video. Definitely excited to see what the rest of the album is going to be like when it drops on 3/20

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