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“Ohimennen” NYC

25 July 2013, 13.54 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment »

What do you get when a non jaded Finnish crew sets out to make a short film about the radness of skateboarding in NYC? A reminder that despite the so-called “Disney-fication” of the New New York, sometimes it still looks a lot like the Old New York. “Ohimennen” means “passing by” in Finnish and stars Samu Karvonen. Enjoy.

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  1. 品ぞろえは仮設住宅での暮らしに配慮している。カット野菜や卵、豆腐、牛乳などの日配品は通常店の3、4倍の量を仕入れ、調味料の販売スペースも1.5倍の広さだ。下着やタオルなども多く用意している。

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