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Is The Government Making Fake Snow?

29 January 2014, 21.42 | Posted in craze | 3 comments »

With major dumps hitting or about to hit pretty much the entire USA, our mind is on snow so we were pretty surprised to find this video today that shows a dude claiming that the snow falling in Michigan isn’t real snow but instead some chemical concoction brought about by chem trails. It all seems pretty crazy and since we’ve never put a blowtorch to snow we don’t know what’s supposed to happen but shit these days you never know. If anyone has an explanation for this, please bring it.

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  1. mike:


    I did some reserach about this phenomenon. Fact is: If the outside temperature is extremely cold – snow contains a very little amount of water. So if you try to melt it fast – the snow will vaporize. Sorry for my english – ab big hello from switzerland (this happens also in our region sometimes)


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  3. Eastwood:

    Sublimation… Due to low temps and low humidity. The Ice is dried out. Wind can also play a role in drying . Do you see dry ice melting?

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