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Arnette Action 360 App

12 March 2014, 10.12 | Posted in apps | 1 comment »

We have to admit that from watching this promo video, we have no idea what the hell Arnette’s new Action 360 App does that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter don’t already do. Who cares, it’s free. Will someone please get it from iTunes and then tell us what it does? Thanks.

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Real Skateboards | InstaREAL Free Photo Filter App

29 April 2013, 14.16 | Posted in apps, Skateboarding | No comments »

Real Skateboards has just launchd its first ever mobile app, InstaREAL. The app features 4 filters to choose from including #mellowthefukout, Since Day One, #thankyouskateboarding and Pushing Since Day One, giving you the ability to have some fun with all your skate and partying instagrams. Check out the video above and then hit the App store on your phone to download it for free.

Showboatr App

08 April 2013, 14.45 | Posted in apps | No comments »

We’re not sure how BMX star Ryan Nyquist got our email address but he did and he sent us this video of his new app. What do you think? Does this have what it takes to distinguish itself in the crowded app market? Let us know in the comments below and maybe Ryan Nyquist will send you an email too.

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Burton x Nokia Mobile App

26 February 2013, 17.31 | Posted in apps, collabs, snowboarding | 2 comments »

After teaming up at the beginning of the snowboard season to produce the Burton x Nokia Insulator Case which we can say from experience actually works both in keeping your battery alive and in making your phone visible on the hill after it decides to jump out of your pocket after you’ve had a few brews, the companies have announced the launch of the Burton x Nokia App. The app allows you to “get the latest snow forecast for over 2600 resorts worldwide, capture and share your epic moves with the first image sequencer for Windows Phone 8, ride while listening to Burton’s own Tune UP playlists, and even watch Burton Open Events right from your Nokia Lumia phone.” How does it work? We’re on our way to the Burton US Open right now, so will let you know soon enough, aight?!

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BlackBook iPhone App

05 June 2012, 15.52 | Posted in apps, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

Garret Hill has just made the life of a skateboarder even easier. Now there’s no need to remember where spots are at or what tricks you may or may not have done there. The BlackBook iPhone app, developed with programmer Jason Ossenmacher and the help of the Maloof Brothers, records and maps spots, keeps track of tricks, and even makes calls for more beer, chronic, and pizza when it senses you’re running low. Can’t beat that! Get it here.

TTR iPhone and iPad App

26 October 2011, 12.42 | Posted in apps, snowboarding | No comments »

TTR Snowboarding has a brand-new, free App for the iPhone and iPad. The App gives you access to rider profiles and rankings as well as a look at all the current contenders for the TTR World Tour Overall, Halfpipe, Slopestyle, and Big Air titles. Head over to the iTunes App Store to download it for free.


Off the Wall TV x iPad

05 October 2011, 23.55 | Posted in apps | No comments »

In some not surprising yet nonetheless rad news, Vans has announced that they have jumped into the iPad game with the debut of their free Off the Wall TV iPad app. Now regardless of where you are you can get Vans’ exclusive mix of action sports and entertainment content for free. Get it here.

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TSO Skate Teaser Featuring P-Rod

17 August 2011, 18.36 | Posted in apps, Skateboarding | 5 comments »

TSO Studios has dropped a teaser for their soon to drop skate app TSO Skate. Loaded with 30 tricks with both written instruction and step by step slo-mo video from P-Rod, its the most comprehensive skate instruction app on the market. Look for it in the iTunes store on August 24th.

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Anon App | Journal to Log Snowboarding Days & Photos

01 April 2011, 16.33 | Posted in apps, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Anon Optics recently added a brand new feature to its free iPhone app called the Anon Journal, allowing riders to capture details about their days spent snowboarding all year long. The new feature also makes it easy for riders to share Journal entries via Facebook. In addition, the Anon app is now available for the iPad and Android for the first time. Download the free app here.

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The North Face Snow Report 2.0

28 October 2009, 13.46 | Posted in apps, snowboarding, tech, weather | No comments »

Rad Collector - The North Face Snow Report 2.0
After dropping one of the most successful apps in the snow industry last year, The North Face has upgraded their Snow Report app for the 2010 season. With a new aggregation feature, the app now combines up to the minute weather and conditions reports with real time resort-specific Twitter feeds to tell you everything about almost any mountain on the earth any time you want. The only thing it doesn’t do is shred for you. Cop it for free right here.