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Slow Is Fast

29 April 2014, 16.17 | Posted in books | No comments »

Even though he’d spent a lot of his life on the coast of California, pro surfer Dan Malloy never really stopped to enjoy the little things that make the California coast special. So he teamed up with fellow surfer/documentarians Kanoa Zimmerman and Kellen Keene for a 700 mile ride from the top of the state down to the border with Mexico. Slow is Fast is the book and documentary that followed. Buy one here.

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The Rise of Superman | Flow 101

18 December 2013, 13.15 | Posted in books, videos | No comments »

We wrote about the first trailer for the intriguing book/documentary The Rise of Superman a little while back, now we have the first video vignette to share. In Flow 101 we hear Travis Rice, Jimmy Chin, Chase Jarvis, Mike Horn, Dean Potter, Danny Way and Ian Walsh talk about identifying the state of “Flow” that the book is based on. It’s definitely some interesting shit.

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The Rise of Superman

03 December 2013, 12.02 | Posted in books | 3 comments »

Wanna throw your mom for a loop this christmas, ask her for a book. Not just any book, but a book that is so rad it comes with a video trailer. “The Rise of Superman” by Steven Kotler, who looks like he may or may not be on Ayahuasca (in a good way), suggests that action sports athletes who are performing on the highest levels humanly possibly in terms of split second decision-making, could possess a genetic key to unlocking the same possibility in all humans. The book drops March 4, so you’re gonna have to settle for a pre-order.

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Supra Book

17 December 2012, 13.42 | Posted in books, Skateboarding, Sneakers | No comments »

You have to give it to Supra. In just six years they have achieved a brand presence and status that is rarely realized over a lifetime of a brand. So why not celebrate their success with a book. Supra Book is the full compendium of everything the brand has done since inception including collabos, celeb relations, exclusive releases, and of course skateboarding. Definitely dope for a last minute holiday pick up. See an extensive preview after the jump.

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Christian Hosoi | My Life as a Skateboarder Junkie Inmate Pastor

20 June 2012, 12.52 | Posted in books, Skateboarding | No comments »

Summer is here and while also a great time to drink, smoke, and fuck around like the end of the world is coming (hey, it might be) its also a great time to get some reading done. The perfect tome for summer 2012 is Christian Hosoi’s new autobiography which actually may disuade you from some of the aforementioned activities. Check out more on the book here. Via N-SB.

All Gone Launch at Stussy NYC

19 March 2012, 12.52 | Posted in books, Parties, photography | 1 comment »

Last Friday night was the New York launch of the street culture book, All Gone at the Stussy store in SoHo. Author Michael Dupouy was in attendance signing books while guests enjoyed beats from Shy Guy and drink courtesy of PBR. Hit the jump to peep a couple flicks from the evening.

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The Art of Todd Bratrud: Seen Unknown

24 October 2011, 23.30 | Posted in Art, books, Skateboarding | No comments »

Next up on your required reading list: The Art of Todd Bratrud: Seen Unknown, the new book chronicling Bratrud’s prolific career. Published by Mark Batty and edited by enjoi’s Winston Tseng, Seen Unknown runs the gamut from decks to kicks and are a perfect snapshot of current skateboarding art at its most innovative. Via Complex.

eMade For Skate iPad Edition

24 May 2011, 15.24 | Posted in books, Skateboarding | No comments »

Technology really hit at the right time for the creators of Made for Skate, the skate shoe coffee table book that would have been on a clearance table at the bookstore right now if it hadn’t been for an everlasting stream of digital ways to repackage the book. Following versions for the iPod Touch and iPhone, Made for Skate has now been made fully operational and hella interactive on the iPad. Check out a demo here.

Real | Since Day One

08 April 2011, 15.05 | Posted in books, Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

Real’s collector edition DVD “Since Day One” is here and comes with an amazing 100 page photo book by Gabe Morford. You can grab a copy at DQM or your local skateshop. A closer look at the book after the jump.

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Twentieth Century Fox Suing Skatebook

15 March 2011, 11.44 | Posted in books, lawsuits, Skateboarding, WTF | No comments »

In the “this is some serious bullshit” department, news came down today that FOX is suing the super rad Skatebook because of their homage to the Bartman in the Lance Mountain edition. In the words of Skatebook’s Mike Ballard:

First the bad news, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and its related entities (collectively “Fox”) is sueing Skatebook for paying tribute too and turning Bart Simpson Pro, illustrating him ripping the most famous spots in skateboarding’s history. So more than likely Skatebook is a wrap because of the legal fees and cost this suit will bring down on this non profit dig. Second if your selling this classic book Fox is demanding it be pulled from the shelf’s and destroyed or else.

But the good news is, your classic edition of “Skatebook Lance Mountain Edition” will surely go up in worth, it will probably be worth more then the coveted Cardial cover book that has recently been sold for 240 bucks on

We will keep everyone posted on the case, pray for us that we can somehow survive the wrath of the Fox Intellectual Property Department, they seem to think Skatebook is a big company with deep pockets.