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Taylor Swift Hearts Greg Bretz

23 December 2014, 14.53 | Posted in craze, WTF | No comments »

This is just surreal. Somehow the world of Taylor fucking Swift has intersected with the world of snowboarding thanks to Greg Bretz and his snowmobile. Could this be the end as we know it? Via TMZ.

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Adrian X | Deeda Bwah

12 November 2014, 13.20 | Posted in craze | No comments »

We saw this on WorldStar today and had our minds blown much in the way we did after seeing Spooky Black for the first time. But we weren’t so sure it was the “Young White Rapper” the site was crediting with the headline “Pure Foolery: Little Boy Named “Young White Rapper” Trying To Be The Next Rap Star With This Trippy Song!” Sure enough, this video is actually over 6 years old and has only 1700 views at this moment. It was Adrian X’s debut video and alas, he was clearly just wayyy too ahead of his time. Young Thug needs to pay tribute!

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Armored Benz Taking AK-47 Shots

11 November 2014, 15.40 | Posted in cars, craze | No comments »

A lot of daredevil shit comes across these pages but the CEO of Texas Armoring Corp taking point blank rounds from an AK-47 to prove his product works is one of the ballsiest things we’ve ever seen. Lest you think it’s fake they roll a single take version after the first multicam action. Only in Texas!

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AirGuard Hotel Anti-Smoking Sensor

05 November 2014, 11.38 | Posted in craze, weed | No comments »

Radcollector - AirGuard
In some news that really sucks, a professor at Dartmouth is working on a device that will rat you out for smoking in a hotel room. Is this guy really trying to ruin the age old tradition of rolling into a new town, scoring some bud, and blazing out the telly? Like seriously man. Read the shitty thinking behind this technology over on Vice.


The Whale Rider

03 November 2014, 13.44 | Posted in craze, surfing, WTF | No comments »

whale rider
Next up in the WTF files comes Aussie genius Harrison Williams who decided it would be rad to try to surf a dead whale but had to bail when the whale got surrounded by sharks. Ok surfing a whale actually sounds pretty rad but c’mon man, at least make the attempt on a live one! Via Gawker.

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Ice Bike

03 November 2014, 13.18 | Posted in Bikes, craze, WTF | No comments »

For the first of a coupe of WTF posts today we bring you the Ice Bike, a bike inexplicably created by some English dude that has wheels made of ice. This isn’t event kinda cool. Seriously, WTF? Via TheComeUp.

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Taylor Swift RIP Mural by Chico

31 October 2014, 13.34 | Posted in Art, craze | No comments »

We bugged out when we saw Taylor Swift’s horribly corny and disingenuous NYC Tourism videos earlier in the week but we kinda just wanted to ignore them and hope they went away. Props to the Lower East Side shop Le Petite Mort for giving Chico some space to paint what we are all thinking: “Taylor Swift fuck outta heah!” Via BoweryBoogie

Epic Bear Fight in New Jersey

30 October 2014, 14.15 | Posted in craze | No comments »

Just a couple weeks ago we had some insane videos of two brawling Kangaroos in Australia, today comes something even crazier: two massive bears fucking each other up in residential New Jersey! Seriously this is only an hour away from NYC, WTF is going on?!

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Rocket Skates

07 October 2014, 11.57 | Posted in craze, WTF | No comments »

All we can say is NO! NO, NO, NO!!!

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BMX Riders vs Security Guard

07 October 2014, 10.35 | Posted in bmx, craze | No comments »

This altercation between a group of BMX riders and an off-duty security guard in SoCal pretty much sums up all the problems in the world that result from misunderstanding, mutual lack of respect, and abuse of authority. Can’t we all just get along? Via TheComeUp.

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