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Lakai Spring ’08 Limited Editions

15 January 2008, 20.20 | Posted in Fashion, Skateboarding | No comments »

Lakai Spring '08 Limited Edition
Lakai recently uploaded their Spring 2008 catalogue and we present you here the limited editions out of the new collection. They took an interesting approach this season and made a limited edition shoe with Carroll, Howard, Koston, MJ, Mariano and Biebel. Each rider got to design one sneaker and along with it an entire pack of apparel, depending on the rider consisting of a t-shirt or hoodie, fitted cap, and other accessories.
After the jump we present you each sneaker along with the pack of apparel.

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Burton Archive Series

06 January 2008, 22.40 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

Burton Archive Series
Once again Burton has something very special waiting for you. Nike re-releases the Air Tech Challenge, a shoe made famous by Andre Agassi, the new Archive Series by Burton fits perfectly into the same category. We like to compare Nike and Burton, because both brands are in their market at the forefront in terms of style and innovation and especially at the mix of the two.
Burton did some digging and found Burton’s original 1988 Racing Gloves, 1989 Safari Sweatshirt, 1990 Freestyle Shell, 1991 Freestyle Pant, 1991 Freestyle Suit and the 1992 Glacier Jacket. Using the DNA from these classic designs, they futurized them with all the latest tech magic and even added some graphic flavor from the 1989 Cruise board graphic. Old school is now new. Dust off your vintage Safari and get buck wild!
After the jump you can check out the rest of the Burton Archive Series.
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FTC Holiday ’07 Collection

04 January 2008, 15.03 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

FTC Holiday 2007 Collection
With the opening of the FTC Tokyo store, their in-store collections have become much more refined, consisting of a majority of cut & sew now. The US stores have just gotten in the Holiday 2007 season, consisting of flannel shirts, lightweight down jackets, raw selvedge denim, as well as crewnecks and hoodies.
Have a closer look after the jump.
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Nike SB December ’07 Gear

18 December 2007, 17.28 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

Nike SB December '07 Gear
Just like pretty much every month, Nike SB does not only release a bunch of sneakers, they also bring out a small collection of gear to go along with the sneakers. This month they will release a small winter collection, which consists of a crewneck sweater, hoodie and two fitted caps. The entire collection comes in beige/brown colors with plaid accents. The elbow patches and inner linings are a nice touch.
Expect this capsule collection to appear in stores this week. After the jump detailed pictures of all pieces.

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Dave’s Quality Meat Holiday ’07 Collection

14 December 2007, 00.20 | Posted in Fashion, Skateboarding | No comments »

The Dave’s Quality Meat (DQM) Holiday 2007 collection has been released. The collection consists of t-shirts, caps, a baseball jacket as well as a “Your Mother collaboration” on some t-shirts and skateboard decks. This series is an ironic take on the amount of collaborations in our industry.
The new DQM Holiday 2007 collection will be released December 14th. After the jump more pictures.

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We are Holiday 2007/08 by Burton

11 December 2007, 22.51 | Posted in Fashion, snowboarding | 1 comment »

t-shirts and snowboards
A couple of days ago we showed you some new t-shirts by Burton, with an animal photoprint on them. We found them quite unusual, and besides the fact that they were a little kitsch and not really something we would expect from Burton, we took a closer look to find out what this series was all about. The series of t-shirts comes from We are by Burton.
The “We are” series is led by the Burton Pros Gig! Rüf, Romain de Marchi, JP Solberg and Danny Davis. Each t-shirt also has a matching board. Riding a board with such an animal picture on it, is actually quite funny.
Check out more pics after the jump.

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5 & A Dime Collaborations – Crooks/ Hellz Bellz/Rogie Status

07 December 2007, 12.20 | Posted in Fashion, Skateboarding | 3 comments »

As part of their 2 year anniversary celebrations San Diego boutique 5 & A Dime continues to collaborate with some of the brands that they carry. Before we have seen collaboration on t-shirts with The Hundreds and Rogue Status.

Now they collaborated with Hellz Bellz on a t-shirt. This tee features the Hellz Bellz transparent bubble logo. Only available for girls.

For the guys they have a Crooks & Castles collaboration waiting. The wave pattern shown in the logo is the latest design used in the Crooks Illuminati Fall line.

Last but not least they collaborated with Rogue Status and Zoo York on a skate deck. The design on the board looks, as if somebody placed lots of stickers on the board.
Check out more pics after the jump.
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Nike ACG – Photoprint Down Jacket

05 December 2007, 18.25 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

If you are still looking for a good quality jacket to go snowboarding/skiing this season and don’t mind being noticed, then this new Nike ACG Down Jacket is the right piece for you.
This retro technical down jacket features all the latest innovations from Nike, with a lot of great pocketing, a full vent zip, detachable fur on the hood and a snowlock. The all-over photoprint is inspired by 80’s winter sports and once you have a closer look at the pics, you can only start laughing!
Anyways, the jacket is now available at Caliroots. More pics after the jump.
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Supreme Online Store Relaunched

20 November 2007, 12.00 | Posted in Fashion, Skateboarding | No comments »

The Supreme Online Store relaunched yesterday filled with some fresh product. They carry the new gold and chrome Oakley sunglasses, plaid New Era caps, velvet 5-panels, flannel shirts, t-shirts and box logo skate decks.
Of course a lot is sold out already, but it’s still worth going through to see what is left. After the jump more products from the online store.
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LousyLivin Company – Scarlett

18 November 2007, 16.32 | Posted in Fashion, Skateboarding | No comments »

It has been really quite around LousyLivin Company for some time now. Now some new product by the brand has arrived in stores. The brand by artist Stefan Marx has always had interesting graphics to offer, different from pretty much everything else that was out there. As part of their latest releases they put out the Scarlett series, a skateboard deck and t-shirt featuring Scarlett Johansen.
Other than the Scarlett set, they released more t-shirts, all with very strong artwork. LousyLivin Company is the kind of brand that you understand and love, or it’s just not your thing. Either way, make sure to check it out. The new products are now available on- and offline at Azita.

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