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dose | Kelia Moniz and Monyca Byrne-Wickey’s Top 5 Surf Breaks

08 March 2013, 16.58 | Posted in girls, interviews, surfing | 1 comment »

Timbo lucks out for the lastest dose and gets to spend some quality time with hot Roxy surfers Kelia Moniz and Monyca Byrne-Wickey. Check it as he tries not stare while the girls give up their top 5 surf breaks in the world, all of which you should be currently making plans to hit up. Enjoy!

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Alana Blanchard in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

19 February 2013, 14.54 | Posted in girls, surfing | 4 comments »

Does anyone know the story behind the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? Because we’d like to hear it. Whoever the genius behind switching up a boring ass sports weekly into a multimedia powerhouse institution like the Swimsuit Issue is someone we need to learn from. Anyway, pardon our ignorance and enjoy the latest episode of Alana Blanchard’s “Surfer Girl” where she learns she’s going to be in SI. Honestly, she doesn’t sound that pumped about the news, but maybe they recreated that part, and she still turned it up in Las Vegas. See her complete pictorial here.

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Babe of Insight: Emily Ratajkowski

15 February 2013, 14.02 | Posted in girls | 1 comment »

Our friends at Insight have gone ahead and made our day, actually our whole weekend, with the announcement that Emily Ratajkowski is an official “Babe of Insight.” If you don’t know this beauty with the unpronounceable last name, hit the jump for a NSFW introduction from Treats Magazine. Just prepare to have your mind blown first.

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Skullcandy Presents Something with Kate Upton

13 February 2013, 14.25 | Posted in girls, headphones | 1 comment »

Striking while the iron is ridiculously hot, Skullcandy has dropped a new video with Kate Upton. There may be a theme or something but we didn’t catch it because we watched it on mute and fast forwarded to the parts with Kate Upton in it.

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Kate Upton Body Paint!

12 February 2013, 12.24 | Posted in girls | 1 comment »

Ok so this post may be slightly off topic but hey, we’re just doing our part to share the love. Hit up Sports Illustrated for your complete fix. Oh and there’s a video after the jump you’re definitely not going to want to miss. Enjoy!

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Alana Blanchard | Surfer Girl

19 October 2012, 18.41 | Posted in girls, surfing, videos | No comments »

In a world of economic depression, constant threat of war, and social inequities that boggle the mind, sometimes all we need is to watch a beautiful girl surfing. Thank you Network A, you may have just saved the planet.

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Kate Upton for GQ

19 June 2012, 14.10 | Posted in girls, videos | No comments »

Do we really need to give a reason for posting this new Kate Upton behind the scenes video from GQ? We didn’t think so. Enjoy.

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Kate Upton x Terry Richardson Cat Daddy Dance

02 May 2012, 12.38 | Posted in girls, videos | 2 comments »

Sure this is totally gratuitous but we’ve made it clear that we love Kate Upton and her relation to action sports has been documented so here you go – the Cat Daddy dance. Via HighSnobette.

Kate Upton x Zoo York | Cockroach Commercial – Alternate Ending

02 April 2012, 13.16 | Posted in advertising, girls, Skateboarding, videos | 2 comments »

You’ve already seen the original Kate Upton takes ZOO YORK video. Now check out the alternate ending with more Kate Upton and more cockroaches.

Kate Upton x Skullcandy

21 March 2012, 12.22 | Posted in girls, headphones | 2 comments »

Fresh off her commercial collab with Zoo york, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl Kate Upton has teamed up with Skullcandy as an ambassador in their new “Supermodel Crew”. Get a look at some shots from her recent headphone photo shoot after the jump.

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