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Vans x Ace Hotel | Era 59

23 June 2014, 12.57 | Posted in hotels, Skateboarding | 5 comments »

Vans hosted a screening of Dogtown and Z-Boys at the Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles yesterday and dropped this slick blacked out version of the Era 59 to commemorate the occasion. The black on black colorway features premium construction and antique brass eyelets and go on sale today exclusively from the Ace DTLA. Snag a pair here. Morel looks after the jump.

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Ace Hotel x SHUT | Excelsior

25 June 2012, 21.29 | Posted in collabs, hotels, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

New New York meets Old with the “Excelsior” collabo pack from SHUT and the Ace Hotel. The deck and tee celebrating both brand’s “Made in America” spirit are extremely limited and available here. More looks after the jump.

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Full Bleed x Ace Hotel | Room #1022 Edit

27 June 2011, 12.27 | Posted in hotels, photography, Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment » caught up with Alex Corporan and Ivory Serra while they put the finishing touches on the Full Bleed installation of room #1022 at the Ace Hotel. Peep the interview about turning a hotel room in a NYC skate shrine.

Full Bleed x Ace Hotel

22 June 2011, 13.14 | Posted in hotels, photography, Skateboarding | No comments »

Full Bleed creators Alex Corporan, Ivory Serra, and Andre Razo were commissioned by the Ace Hotel to create a themed room based on the New York City skate photography book. So if you’re in NYC and need a room, head to the Ace Hotel and request room 1022 to stay in this sick piece of skate history.

Frends x Cosmo Hotel

22 December 2010, 17.37 | Posted in collabs, headphones, hotels | 3 comments »

Frends has just popped off a collabo headphone with the ultra swank new Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Dipping Frends’ Classic frame in the Cosmo’s signature purple and the Clips earbud in wood complement the new school opulence of the hotel. More looks after the jump. Full Frends line can be found at Zumiez.

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DC x Hotel on Rivington | Cadet Chukka

30 November 2010, 18.26 | Posted in collabs, hotels, Sneakers | No comments »

For the 6th installment of their collabo series, DC is blessing the staff of the Hotel on Rivington in NYC with a custom version of the Cadet Chukka, one of the new models from the DC Life catalog. The black kick with laser etched sidewall will all but ensure another year of the hotel’s 100% staff rentention rate. Complete looks after the jump.

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Nike 6.0 iD | Primo’s

11 August 2010, 20.07 | Posted in hotels, lifestyle, Sneakers | 1 comment »

Nike 6.0 has stepped up the customization game with Primo’s, their Nike iD diner in the Motel No Tell in Huntington Beach. Set up like a vintage beach bum soda hop from back in the day, Primo’s has the most complex fabrication options yet offered from 6.0 for sneakers as well as the ability to customize board shorts, back packs and t-shirts on premises. More from inside after the jump.

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Quiksilver x The Standard 2010

07 July 2010, 13.01 | Posted in boardshorts, collabs, hotels, sunglasses | No comments »

We thought the Quiksilver x The Standard vending machine project was one of the more creative collabos last summer so we’re not surprised to see that they are back for round two. This time, in addition to the board shorts and bikini they’ve added Quik sunglasses and Shiseido sunscreen to the vending machines, which also feature a video interface where you can watch the above video. The Quiksilver x The Standard 2010 collection is limited to 250 pieces of each product. Full collection looks after the jump.

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etnies x Casa Del Camino | Skate Room

06 November 2009, 13.23 | Posted in collabs, hotels, lifestyle, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - etnies x Casa Del Camino Skate Room
Following the footsteps of the Nike 6.0 Motel Notell in San Clemente this summer, etnies has gone in on a telly of their own. Although only a room as opposed to an entire motel, the etnies room at the Casa Del Camino Hotel in Laguna Beach, California, is everything you’d expect out of the brilliant minds of Pierre Andre Senizergues and Don Brown. Opening this weekend, the room features a sink shaped like the Orange County skate spot Chicken’s Pool, a shoe scrap headboard with a 6’ x 11’ mosaic of scraps materials from etnies kicks, a reversed shadow box wheel mirror, a skate free mini bar with 4 completes that guests can use to shred Laguna on, “Graffiti Malibu” art piece by Parvez Taj and a piece by Mike Manzoori’s titled “It’s Not Where You’re Going, It’s How You Get There.” And of course, all the furniture is from Skate Study House. The room is available for rent starting tonight. Call 888-367-5232 for reservations. More pics after the jump.

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Quiksilver x Standard Boardshort Vending Machines

15 October 2009, 15.23 | Posted in collabs, hotels, lifestyle | No comments »

Rad Collector - Quiksilver x Standard Boardshort Vending Machines
We brought you the first look at the Quiksilver boardshort vending machine project at the Standard Hotels in Miami, LA and NY. They’ve finally launched them with a series of parties capped off by the opening of the Standard rooftop in NYC during the NY Surf Film Festival. Word, now you can officially leave your shorts at home.