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Thrasher First Look | Deathwish

10 August 2010, 17.29 | Posted in magazines, Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

Thrasher gave the Deathwish crew the first look at the September 2010 issue. Jim Greco, Lizard King, Slash, and Antwuan take a break from their signing at FTC to peep the the new issue.

Agenda HB | Analog x Monster Children

04 August 2010, 18.15 | Posted in apparel, collabs, magazines, t-shirts | No comments »

Radcollector is at Agenda Huntington Beach today and tomorrow and will have all the highlights from the show, and trust us there is a shitload. From the look of things, Spring 2011 is looking to be a good one. First up is this PLA collabo between Analog and Monster Children and featuring the work of Chad Moore. More looks after the jump.

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NZ Snowboarder #53

28 July 2010, 14.38 | Posted in magazines | No comments »

NZ Snowboarder has just dropped their July/August issue featuring Kazuhiro Kokubo, Alaska, and the Jackaways brothers. Check out the entire mag right here.

Living Proof Magazine Issue #5 Release Party is Today

19 July 2010, 12.53 | Posted in Art, magazines, Parties | No comments »

With everyone in town for Agenda, the place to be on the early side tonight is Living Proof’s release party for issue #5 of the mag featuring Todd James, Josh Cheuse, Claw Money, Jim Houser, and many more. Radcollector is sponsoring the event and Epstein’s is providing the open bar, so come through for a drink and pick up a copy of the magazine for free before hitting the official Agenda kick off at Tenjune. Check the flyer for details after the jump.

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Method Magazine is Free

16 July 2010, 12.49 | Posted in magazines, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Method Magazine announced today it is now a free publication. Here is the video of the jib jihadists letting the world know.

LivingProof Magazine Issue #5 Release Party

14 July 2010, 18.35 | Posted in Art, magazines, Parties | No comments »

Our homies at LivingProof Magazine are set to release issue #5 of the mag featuring Todd James, Josh Cheuse, Claw Money, Jim Houser, and many more. To celebrate the release, Radcollecter will be sponsoring a party on Monday, July 19th at Epstein’s Bar in the L.E.S from 7-10pm. They will be giving out copies of the magazine, Epstein’s will be pouring free vodka from 7-9, there will be some couple special guest DJ’s and our own Brad Clarke will be taking photos so come out and support. Peep the flyer for all the info after the jump.

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Laura Austin Interview

24 June 2010, 16.06 | Posted in interviews, magazines, snowboarding | 2 comments »

Stellar photographer, artist, and Radcollector columnist Laura Austin just scored a sweet new gig as the Online Editor at shred bible SNOWBOARDER Magazine. Its a big deal for anyone but for Laustin, a veritable child prodigy who’s already been making major moves in the industry for a decade despite being all but 20 years old, its definitely a dream job. We snagged her for a second before her workload piles up to tell us how it went down and to make sure her column stays poppin! Read the complete interview after the jump and check Laura’s handiwork here.

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King Shit 3D!

03 June 2010, 16.49 | Posted in magazines, Skateboarding | No comments »

King Shit, the last “we don’t give a fuck” skate magazine in existence has just cast themselves seriously against type and pulled out all the stops for their first ever edition in 3D. Turns out that James Cameron owed Chris Nieratko a favor for the suppression of some south of the border indiscretions a decade ago and agreed to produce the whole thing in his Avatar studio for free. Seriously. If you want to check out stuff like Brandon Del Bianco, The Street Demons, Koty Brown, Matt Berger, Dan Redmond, Tommy Guerrero, Ethan Fowler, Desmond Hoostie, Mike Campbell and Seb Labbe in full 3D glory you need to get to a skate shop in Eastern Canada on June 8th or Western Canada on June 14th (it’s delivered via Pony Express) or you need to go to the Radcollector Facebook page and tell us the 5 greatest 3D movies ever made. If your selections adhere to our standards, we’ll have a copy sent right to your door. A look at the cover after the jump.

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Christian Hosoi | June Thrasher

03 June 2010, 12.55 | Posted in magazines, Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment »

As a dope homage to the legend Thrasher put together this cool edit about Christian Hosoi’s June cover and his classic covers from back in the day. Enjoy.

Luis Tolentino Thrasher Interview

01 June 2010, 13.58 | Posted in interviews, magazines, Skateboarding | No comments »

Luis Tolentino continues to tear it up. Right on the heels of his FTK cover, the SHUT am gets a prime interview in Thrasher just in time for what could be a huge showing at the Maloof Money Cup in his home boro of Queens this weekend. New Thrasher is on newsstands now.