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Vans x Star Wars

02 May 2014, 15.19 | Posted in collabs, movies, Skateboarding, Sneakers | No comments »

What’s to even say about this? Other than it’s the collab pack we’ve been waiting for our entire lives! Seriously Vans x Star Wars?! There is so much dope shit going on here, its too much to mention, so here are some key words: Boba Fett Camo, Stormtrooper Bandana Print, Yoda Hawaiian Pattern, Imperial AT-AT Walkers Miami Print, Darth Vader Half Cab. Yes it’s all true. Hit the jump to see the collection of your dreams and May The Force Be With You in trying to get every piece!

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Godzilla Asia Trailer

29 April 2014, 10.21 | Posted in movies | No comments »

We still remember the last time they tried to bring Godzilla back and shit did not work out. It definitely doesn’t look like they’re gonna have that problem this time around!

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Eli Morgan Gesner’s ‘Condemned’ with Dylan Penn & Lydia Hearst

26 March 2014, 11.30 | Posted in girls, movies | 27 comments »

Our hat is off to SHUT (and Zoo York) founder Eli Morgan Gesner who’s got a green light for his new horror film Condemned and has already landed Sean Penn’s daughter Dylan and Lydia Hearst for two of the starring roles. Eli wrote the film about psycho killer Lower East Side squatters and will direct it too. Our question of course was “Will Dylan Penn be naked?” to which Eli replied “Duh! You’re gonna have to watch the movie to find out!” We will! A look at Lydia after the jump.

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Santa Cruz x Star Wars

14 January 2014, 14.00 | Posted in collabs, decks, movies, Skateboarding | 3 comments »

There was so much rad shit at Agenda in Long Beach last week that we still haven’t gotten it all up. This one is in our top three from the show easy. Santa Cruz done went and got an official collab poppin with Star Wars. Look at this Vader Cruiser, need we say more?! So rad. Peep the mini collection (packaged like action figures no less!) after the jump.

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dose | Bad Grandpa

23 October 2013, 13.22 | Posted in movies | 2 comments »

In the lastest dose Timbo gets onto the red carpet at the NYC premier of Bad Grandpa. While getting his Entertainment Tonight on he talks to Johnny Knoxville about how the hell they can pull off such crazy shit without getting sued and learns that Jackson Nicoll (the kid) is already wise beyond his years. Bam Margera was there too, apparently fresh off a troll hunting mission to Iceland. Enjoy! Hit NetworkA for more.

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DC Snowboarding | Must Be Nice Trailer

21 August 2012, 12.49 | Posted in movies, snowboarding, videos | 1 comment »

DC is dropping in with their first full team video since 2008 starring Devun Walsh, Iikka Backstrom, Lauri Heiskari, Aaron Biittner, Ryan Tiene, Anto Chamberland and even Torstein Horgmo, despite the fact that he has his own movie this winter. As they say, Must Be Nice.

YES | It’s a Movie Too Trailer

20 August 2012, 13.24 | Posted in movies, snowboarding | No comments »

YES is dropping another full length movie in September and have just released the trailer. It’s a Movie Too features DCP, Romain De Marchi, JP Solberg, Tadashi Fuse, Frank April, Clint Allan, Benji Ritchie, Mikey Pederson, Helen Schettini, Colin Spencer, Madison Ellesworth, Mads Jonsson, Stian Solberg, and more.


Horgasm: A Love Story

16 August 2012, 13.39 | Posted in movies, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Torstein Horgmo is ready for the spotlight. Having quietly stacked a grip of major wins over the last several years of his career, the Norwegian ripper with a name too hard for the American public to pronounce is saying fuck it and dropping in hard with Horgasm: A Love Story. The solo shred flick drops October 29th, we think its gonna be rad.

Burton Snowboards | 13 Trailer

13 August 2012, 16.56 | Posted in movies, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

The official sign that summer won’t last forever this year is the release of the trailer for the new Burton movie 13. With Danny Davis, Mikkel Bang, John Jackson, Mark Sollors, Mikey Rencz, Jussi Oksanen, Terje Haakonsen, Jeremy Jones, Zak Hale, Ethan Deiss, Seppe Smits, and more going HAM all across the globe its sure to be a banger. 13 officially releases on September 13 and will be supported by premieres in Burlington, Boston, Denver, Kelowna, Montreal, New York City, Newport Beach, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Whistler.

No Room for Rockstars, the Vans Warped Tour Movie, Available Exclusively on iTunes

03 April 2012, 11.47 | Posted in movies, Music | 1 comment »

The new Vans Warped Tour movie, No Room for Rockstars is now available exclusively on iTunes. Directed by Parris Patton (Amazing Journey: The Story of the WHO) and produced by Stacy Peralta, Agi Orsi and the team that brought you Dogtown & Z-boys, No Room for Rockstars depicts true stories of modern era rock and roll from the kids in the van playing parking lots hoping to be discovered, to the veteran stage manager whose life was saved by the tour, to the musician who crosses over to mainstream success while on the road. Check the flyer after the jump.

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