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686 Day

30 October 2009, 12.40 | Posted in online, promo, shops, snowboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - 686 Day
686 is a snowboard company that likes to give back. They’ve been running “Free Fridays” on their site for a while now as a way to keep their loyal customers on maximum stoke. Next Friday, the 13th, they are taking it up a notch with 686 Day. Along with a grip of 686 retailers across the US and Canada, 686 will be hooking up insane amounts of free shit. We’re talking like on the hour every hour all day. And if you aren’t near a retailer, all good, you can still get blessed by staying logged onto We’ll have more on this for you next week but clear your shcedule for Friday. Full list of participating shops after the jump.

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Updown Mag #13 | Behind the Cover

10 September 2009, 16.42 | Posted in films, magazines, online, snowboarding | No comments »

The new issue of Updown has E-Man Anderson on the cover with a pretty gnarly gash in his face that has a lot of people wondering. “Hollywood magic?” The answer, of course, is heck no, they’re Canadian. So in response they’ve released this behind the cover video to set the record exactly straight. Speaking of E-Man – you can peep his part and the entire movie of This Video Sucks at either the ThirtyTwo, Stepchild, Transworld, or Onboard sites starting yesterday. The video doesn’t really suck.

Neff Boombox

25 August 2009, 12.19 | Posted in lifestyle, Music, online, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Neff Boombox
Another banger from Neff today, this time in the form of their new embeddable boombox music player. Now any music starved shred blogger can embed the Neff Boombox into the back end (no homo) of their blog for an endless stream of Neff approved heat from Hyper Crush, Girl Talk, Steve Aoki, and more. Songs are skippable and the Atari graphics of the box are kinda fun to zone out on too. Get the player here.


KCDC New Online Store

24 August 2009, 10.58 | Posted in online, retail, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - KCDC New Online Store
Brooklyn’s finest, KCDC, just relaunched their online store with a mission to keep it mad local. Go here for decks and apparel from NYC brands like Hopps, Coda, Substance, and 5Boro as well as KCDC’s in-house line. To celebrate the new online store, they are hooking up freebies with most purchases. Word.

Ambiguous “Circus” Online Tradeshow

13 August 2009, 14.35 | Posted in apparel, business, online, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Ambiguous "Circus" Online Tradeshow
In some interesting business news, Ambiguous clothing is launching something called The Circus, a totally online wholesaling system that eliminates the need for tradeshows or meetings at all for that matter. Now select retailers can enroll in the password protected program and get access to an online ordering system as well as marketing collateral and dealer specials. Referring to it as an “online tradeshow,” Ambiguous president David Patri said this, “Buyers that are unable to afford or attend tradeshows will now have a way to view the new line and get a complete feel for the company.” Definitely not a bad concept although there’s still got to be some human contact, no? It will be interesting to see if other brands follow suit.

Oakley Presents: Tracking Eero

12 August 2009, 10.48 | Posted in online, snowboards, tv, videos | No comments »

Oakley has announced a rad project for this winter with “Tracking Eero” a multi-media project following the winter of Finnish super shred Eero Ettala. The project, a joint effort between Oakley’s 1242 Productions and Friday Productions, the crew that did “Terje’s Season’s Pass” on Fuel, will consist of a television series, webisodes and a documentary video. “Tracking Eero” will follow Eero from Russian military zones to Japanese pow to Heli shredding in BC and will also feature appearances from Nicolas Muller, Danny Kass, Eiki Helgason, Torstein Horgmo, Terje Haakonsen, Jake Blauvelt, Eric Botner and Kevin Pearce. Ettala himslef pushed the idea saying “I wanted to do something different from my usual season filming a video part. The idea of a TV show, webisodes and a snowboard movie gave me the chance to go anywhere in the world, ride with whoever I wanted and really try some new things.”

‘Tracking Eero’ will air on international television networks throughout the ’09-’10 winter, including FUEL TV, NRK, MTV3 and Gaora Sports. For more go to

Alphanumeric Fall 2009 at Robust Flavor

11 August 2009, 15.10 | Posted in apparel, lifestyle, online, retail, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Alphanumeric Fall 2009 at Robust Flavor
Since they dropped back into the game, Alphanumeric has been checked for pretty hard. Continuing their progression, they’ve just shipped for fall 2009 and Robust Flavor has several of the new apparel pieces including a fleece lined moto jacket, a waterproof windbreaker, a short sleeve knit and three pairs of jeans. Cop them right here right now and get 20% right off the top. You can’t beat that with a bat.

Neff Hits Karmaloop

05 August 2009, 15.59 | Posted in lifestyle, online, retail, Skateboarding, snowboarding | 2 comments »

Rad Collector - Neff Hits Karmaloop
Wilestyle shred lifestyle brand Neff just announced that they have been picked up by Karmaloop. Now the brand of choice for heads like T. Rice, Nate Bozung, Likka Backstrom, Lauri Heiskari, Lizard King and Adam Dyet can be purchased from the comfort of your own bedroom between porn surfs. While this is a good look for both brands, RadCollector strongly recommends supporting your local skate or shred shop whenever humanly possible. More looks at some Neff bangers currently in stock at Karmaloop after the jump.

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GI Joe Viral Teaser

29 July 2009, 14.07 | Posted in advertising, films, online, Skateboarding, videos, WTF | No comments »

Some things are better left alone. Check out this cornball viral teaser for the upcoming GI Joe flick, The Rise of Cobra. If the movie is anything like this, like really, if even one of the same people involved in making this teaser had anything to do with the movie, you can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be horrible. Which sucks, because who didn’t used to love GI Joe? Via Shock Mansion.


Terry Kennedy | “Success” Commercials

10 July 2009, 13.47 | Posted in advertising, online, Sneakers, videos | No comments »

Persona Magazine, these ads have TK channeling his inner Jordan, showing again how much crossover influence his airness has had on skating. Check out pt 2 after the jump.

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