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Skateboarding Foundation | New Website

24 February 2009, 02.03 | Posted in online, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Skateboarding Foundation Site
Foundation has a spanking new website to go along with their brothers over at Pig Wheels. You know everything on there is gonna be dope, so don’t be scurrred, hit up the Fosko site here. And be sure to peep the latest installment of the Pillage and Plunder tour – Part 3: Auckland. Good stuff.

Independent Trucks | New Web Hub

13 February 2009, 21.48 | Posted in online, Skateboarding, trucks | No comments »

Rad Collector - New Indy Site
Independent Trucks have launched their all new “Web Hub.” Go here to peep Indy product microsites, exclusive videos and the Indy Time to Grind Blog. Via Ultimate.

New Santa Cruz Skateboards Website

11 February 2009, 19.16 | Posted in online, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - New Santa Cruz Site
Santa Cruz Skateboards recently launched their new website. Now you’ve got a brand new place to catch up with Justin Strubing, Flo Marfaing, Alex Carolino, Keith Meek, Nilton Neves, Jason Jessee, Tom Knox, Eric Dressen, and Emmanuel Guzman. Check it out here.

Volcom | StoneYour.TV

10 February 2009, 21.09 | Posted in online, Skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, videos | No comments »

Rad Collector - Volcom Stone Your TV
Another reason to throw away your TV and spend every spare minute you have on the internet comes in the form of Volcom’s new site Full of Volcom’s skate, snow, and surf videos, StoneYourTV also has channels for art, music and girls. Honestly what more do you need?

Quiksilver Roam Digi-Zine

09 February 2009, 16.32 | Posted in online, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Quiksilver Roam
Quiksilver has launched a zine on their website called Roam dedicated to documenting their skate team trips this year. The old school zine aesthetic flipped digitally with good photography and embedded video and audio is a nice alternative to standard web photo gallery presentation. The first issue documenting Quik’s trip to Brasil has just dropped. Check it out here. Via Transworld

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