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Carhartt x Lovenskate | “The Scale of Radness” Mug

12 June 2012, 12.27 | Posted in collabs, Random | No comments »

In England they love their tea – peep the dedication in this Carhartt x Lovenskate which allows you to rate your own radness with every sip. Of course on this side of the pond, we’d be drinking coffee. Get one here. A detailed look after the jump. Via Complex.

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Skate Mirror

07 April 2011, 12.15 | Posted in craze, Random, Skateboarding | No comments »

Creative novelty brand SuckUK has introduced the Skate Mirror, the world’s first skateboard that is, you guessed it, a mirror. Hangs up either horizontally or vertically for regular vanity use but also makes a great centerpiece at a coke party. Go here for more info. More looks after the jump.

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Happy New Year!!!

31 December 2010, 17.52 | Posted in Random | 1 comment »

To all of the Radcollectors worldwide, may you always have a foot of pow at your doorstep on New Years Eve. Happy New Year!!!


Doran Laybourn at Frank’s Chop Shop

21 October 2010, 19.12 | Posted in lifestyle, Random, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Doran Laybourn was in NYC the other day and swung through Frank’s Chop Shop to get blazed and shaped up. You gotta love the full experience at the Chop Shop – they’ve probably serviced more pro shreds than any other barber shop in the world.

Neff x Snoop x Puffy Against Boston

16 June 2010, 16.40 | Posted in hats, Random | No comments »

This is just funny. Neff just dropped this little TMZ style clip of Puffy picking up Snoop to go to the Lakers v. Celtics game in LA. Clearly neither cares much for Beantown, but the most hilarious part is Snoop hiding the box of Swishers! How many other millionaire moguls out there are still smoking blunts? Or ever did? That’s rad.

Action Sports Drives

30 April 2010, 16.08 | Posted in promo, Random | 1 comment »

We’ve been getting these in press kits for the last couple years but didn’t know there was one company behind them. The name pretty much says it all, Action Sports Drives make USB drives in the shape of skateboards, snowboards, and surfboards. Very useful for finger shredding during meetings.

Vans in Brasil

15 April 2010, 12.20 | Posted in Random, Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

You aren’t going to understand much unless you speak Portuguese but this video is interesting because it shows how differently they do it in Brasil. Steve Van Doren, Tony Alva, and John Cardiel giving a presentation at a carniceria in Sao Paulo. That’s a meat restaurant. Via Radar Urbano.

Harry Jumonji x Maino x Chop Shop

12 January 2010, 23.53 | Posted in Random, videos | No comments »

This is some classic shit. Peep the rapper Maino get completely upstaged by a shirtless Harry Jumonji during a promo shoot at Frank’s Chop Shop in the LES. It coulda been Obama up in the piece and Harry woulda still been regulating like what? Jumonji is downtown OG.

Volcom x Christmas

20 December 2009, 12.38 | Posted in Random, videos | No comments »

An instant holiday classic from the Volcom crew – “I know these elves be scheming!” You’re gonna have this in your head nonstop til New Years, watch.

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Nicolas Muller x Men’s Health Russia

24 November 2009, 17.34 | Posted in magazines, Random, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Nicolas Muller x Men's Health Russia
This is kinda crazy and kinda makes sense at the same time. Nicolas Muller is a very healthy dude which would make him a perfect candidate to be on the cover of a magazine called Men’s Health. On the other hand, have you ever seen what the dudes look like that are usually on the cover of the magazine called Men’s Health? Clearly they have a slightly different editorial direction in Russia. A bigger version of the cover after the jump. Via the Absinthe blog.

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