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KCDC Video Premiere

24 June 2010, 19.16 | Posted in premieres, shops, Skateboarding | No comments »

Brooklyn’s most beloved skate shop KCDC is premiering their new video at legendary lurker/scumbag bar Motor City tomorrow night. If you are in the NYC area, come through from 7 to 10 for the etnies-sponsored premiere party. The video unspools at 9pm, but probably not promptly. Motot’s City’s address after the jump.

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Generic Skateboard

17 June 2010, 13.57 | Posted in decks, shops, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

Something else interesting from UNIV, they’ve just dropped the Generic Skateboard, a throwback to “unbranded generic beer and generic mass market food items from the 1970s and 1980s.” The all black 7-ply USA hardrock maple is 8″ and available only at the shop in Encinitas. We like it.


KCDC x Mystery x Zero Pack Online

16 June 2010, 14.24 | Posted in collabs, shops, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

KCDC just made their collabo pack with Zero and Mystery available online. If you aren’t from NY, now is your chance to get a couple of these limited edition pieces before they disappear forever. You can hit the KCDC online shop right here.

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Fixies Are The New Rollerblades

14 June 2010, 12.20 | Posted in Bikes, shops, Skateboarding | 5 comments »

Pulp68 in Geneva just dropped their latest graphic in the form of these “Fixies Are The New Rollerblades” stickers. There’s no time like the summer to stir up some beef, we’ll have to see who takes more offense at the association.


Supra at KCDC

09 June 2010, 17.23 | Posted in shops, Skateboarding, team | No comments »

Terry Kennedy, Lizard King and the Muska all survived the weekend enough to make it to KCDC yesterday for their demo and signing. As you can see Lizard barely made it. Peep some flicks after the jump.

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Werd Life at KCDC Recap Photos

08 June 2010, 16.02 | Posted in Art, exhibitions, shops, Skateboarding | No comments »

Complex has a great gallery of photos from the Werd Life art show at KCDC on Sunday. A ton of people made it back to Williamsburg from Flushing to catch Arto Saari, Geoff Rowley, Mark Appleyard, and Todd Bratrub’s group exhibition, that must’ve been because the G was actually running. Peep the full story here.

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KCDC x Zero x Mystery Decks In Stock

03 June 2010, 14.26 | Posted in collabs, decks, shops, Skateboarding | No comments »

Yesterday we brought you a look at the graphic for the KCDC x Mystery deck that drops this weekend, now as proof that the shipment has arrived, here is a peek at KCDC rider Danny Falla with the KCDC x Zero deck. You can get a look at Danny with the Mystery board after the jump. The madness starts tomorrow.

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Werd Life Art Show

02 June 2010, 22.00 | Posted in Art, shops, Skateboarding | No comments »

If the Zero x Mystery demo doesn’t demolish the building, KCDC plans to throw down again this weekend with the Werd Life art show on Sunday. Heavy heavyweights Geoff Rowley, Arto Saari, Mark Appleyard, and Todd Bratrud will be showing and selling some work for this one night only affair. Full flyer after the jump.

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KCDC x Mystery x Zero

02 June 2010, 17.39 | Posted in collabs, decks, shops, Skateboarding, t-shirts | 1 comment »

KCDC in Brooklyn is about to drop two collabs with Jamie Thomas this week, a KCDC x Mystery deck and tee pack and a KCDC x Zero deck. To blast off the drop, Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Dane Burman, Tom Asta, Ben Hatchell, Keegan Sauder, Pete Elderidge, and Tommy Sandoval are mobbing on KCDC’s mini ramp and handrail this Friday, June 4th. With Maloof in town it’s going to be a madhouse! Full flyer after the jump.

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Element x Premier | Halifax

28 May 2010, 12.00 | Posted in collabs, shops, Skateboarding, Sneakers | 2 comments »

With the preponderance of collabos emanating from the coasts, its nice to see the Midwest catch a little love every now and then like with this nice collab from Element and Premier in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This one even goes deeper than just a colorway, incorporating elements of Midwest-specific obstacles to skating including “cracked sidewalks, crumbling ledges, and sticky asphalt” into the design of these Halifax’s. The shoe drops tomorrow only at Premier. More looks after the jump.

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