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Penny Spring 2014 Video

02 April 2014, 11.32 | Posted in craze, cruisers, Skateboarding | No comments »

Oh to live in Australia, where all the girls are blonde and down to spend the day skating and taking epic selfies… Seriously though, we like riding our Penny and all but this is kinda ridiculous. What happened to gritty NYC edits? A look at their new “Fade” series after the jump.

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Penny x The Hundreds | Nickel

13 December 2013, 11.20 | Posted in collabs, completes, cruisers, Skateboarding | 2 comments »

Following up on their collabo from earlier this year, The Hundreds and Penny are back with another one, this time in the shape of a Penny “Nickel.” The Hundreds x Penny Nickel carries a duck camo print and full Penny hardware and while the video isn’t as good as the last one, it’s still pretty rad. Peep it after the jump.

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GoldCoast Slap Stick

19 November 2013, 10.33 | Posted in completes, cruisers, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

GoldCoast has a pair of rad videos out for their new “progressive” cruiser, the Slap Stick. “Ditch Work” (above) features a perfect day of rough transition riding while “Slap Happy” (after the jump) celebrates the joy of getting slappy. Someone needs to send Alex Corporan one of these for Slappy Sundays!

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Globe | Grow Your Quiver

14 August 2013, 11.57 | Posted in cruisers, Skateboarding | No comments »

On a much lighter note, Globe’s got a new campaign for their cruiser board series. As you’ll see, “Grow Your Quiver” taps into every skateboarder’s ultimate aspirations. Enjoy.

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Dusters x The Doors

22 July 2013, 14.57 | Posted in completes, cruisers, Music, Skateboarding | No comments »

Diehard Doors fans are going to flip over this new two deck cruiser series with Dusters for one because The Doors have never licensed themselves to a proper skateboard brand and second because most diehard fans are definitely past the age for a popsicle stick! Seriously though, the Music’s Over (above) and Mojo Rising featuring iconic Doors photography from Michael Ochs and Joel Brodsky and are rad either in use or in a collection. See more after the jump.

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Gold Cup x Lance Mountain | Snapback

15 July 2013, 16.13 | Posted in completes, cruisers, Skateboarding | No comments »

The latest release from Lance Mountain’s Gold Cup Skateboards is a complete designed by the man himself. The Snapback features the CNC cut dual channel design plus Skate City Trucks and 84 duro Satellite wheels perfect for all cruising needs. Pick one up from NHS here. More looks after the jump.

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Pulp68 | ‘F*** TPG’ Cruisers

08 July 2013, 12.42 | Posted in cruisers, decks, Skateboarding | No comments »

Swiss renegade JMZ has struck again with his latest cruiser design. Called simply “Fuck TPG,” the cruisers take aim at the fares imposed by the Transports Publics Genevois aka Geneva’s public transportation system with a simple message that using a skateboard is free. Another look after the jump.

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Gold Cup Hotflex Cruisers

18 June 2013, 17.25 | Posted in completes, cruisers, Skateboarding | No comments »

Lance Mountain’s Gold Cup Skateboards have a dope new cruiser with the Hotflex. Featuring super thin construction, the Hotflex gives you the subtle bounce needed for massive speed pumping. Also features Skate City trucks and Satellite wheels. Get a complete right here.

Stereo | Roll Dogs with Pastras and Peterson

06 June 2013, 19.32 | Posted in completes, cruisers, Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment »

If you’ve ever taken a skate cruise with man’s best friend you know it’s pretty much the best thing on earth. Your dog does all the work and you just get to enjoy the ride/ hang on for dear life if he sees a squirrel. Check out Chris Pastras and Clint Peterson rip it through get Elysian Park with their buddies Sadie, Mingus and Wizard on the Stereo Extended Player (EP) Cruiser. Now buy one and do the same.

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Dusters Cazh Cruiser

22 May 2013, 17.21 | Posted in cruisers, Skateboarding | No comments »

Summertime means cruiser time and what better way to roll then on a fresh new all wood Cazh from Dusters. Featuring beautiful die cut inlaid applewood, as well as wood burned logos, custom grip, and honey colored clear wheels, on a nice 80’s pool shape, the Cazh’s refined look is definitely appreciated. Go here for where to buy and hit the jump for a few detail looks.

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