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Nike SB Koston Bobble Head

19 May 2011, 19.50 | Posted in craze, Skateboarding, Sneakers, toys | No comments »

To hype up the summer Koston 1 drops, Nike SB sent out a limited amount of Eric Koston bobble head dolls. Funny how those things never go out of style. Image via Premier.

XLarge x FTC x Closeup Fingerboard

10 May 2011, 21.08 | Posted in Skateboarding, toys | No comments »

XLarge and FTC in Japan having gotten together with French fingerboard/techdeck company Closeup for a mini rendition of the X-FTC deck. They really love their fingerboards in France! A couple more looks after the jump.

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AST Omni Tech Toy Sheckler

22 March 2011, 11.18 | Posted in craze, Skateboarding, toys | No comments »

YouTube Preview Image
Aight, this shit is definitely kinda buggin, but at the same time kinda rad as hell, what else are you gonna do if it’s raining outside, read a book? You just have to hope you don’t catch carpal tunnel from all that wrist action. Get one from Action Sports Toys.

Nigel Sylvester Flix Trix 2

24 November 2010, 14.55 | Posted in bmx, toys | 1 comment »

Nigel Sylvester continues to kill it on the marketing level with the release of his second generation Flick Trix toy pro model bike. The purple and chrome MirraCo frame is available at Target, Toys R’ Us and Walmart worldwide for Holiday 2010. More looks after the jump.

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Krooked Bearbrick by Mark Gonzales

23 November 2010, 14.35 | Posted in Skateboarding, toys | No comments »

As part of their latest blitz of releases for Holiday 2010, Medicom has released a Krooked Bearbrick with artwork from the Gonz. You can get one here for ¥7,140 although you may be better off saving that $86 for a complete so you can go skate instead of staying inside and playing with toys. Via Uncle Highsnobiety.

SHUT Shark Tech Deck

02 September 2010, 13.23 | Posted in Skateboarding, toys | 1 comment »

SHUT has another shape dropping with Tech Deck this month with the all time classic SHUT Shark, one of the brand’s original models. The Shark pack also comes with SHUT wheels and a SHUT sticker kit.

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SHUT Dagger Tech Deck

16 August 2010, 14.10 | Posted in Skateboarding, toys | No comments »

Tech Decks are still one of the best ways to waste away long airport layovers, now even more so with the release of SHUT’s classic Dagger shape with the “Immortal” graphic. A a look at their new “alternative shapes” series after the jump.

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Curren Caples Bobblehead

20 May 2010, 10.23 | Posted in Skateboarding, strange stuff, toys | No comments »

One of the most interesting things to come out of the recent shred-migration to China for the opening of Woodward Beijing was the discovery by Curren Caples of a wise old Chinese man capable of producing spot-on bobbleheads on the spot. Check out the detail, right down to the Hurley shirt and Redbull beanie, that is some amazing shit! A close up after the jump.

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Nigel Sylvester x Mirraco | Flick Trix Replica

30 March 2010, 00.45 | Posted in bmx, toys | 4 comments »

Yes BMX riders have their very own tech decks, they are called Flick Trix and they’ve just hooked up a mini version of Nigel Sylvester’s “Chocolate” Mirraco frame ready for serious finger shredding. Authentic right down to the stickers, each bike’s got working cranks, interchangeable wheels, pedals, handle bars, grips and seatposts. You can cop them now at all the major toy stores. Another look after the jump.

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Overload Tech Deck

19 January 2010, 23.52 | Posted in Accessories, shops, Skateboarding, toys | 2 comments »

Overload is for the kids. The San Diego skate mecca is the first shop in the world to get their own tech deck. Here’s to seeing mad steezy finger flips in their future. Get one for your younger bro at 3064 University Ave in sunny San Diego.