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RC Remix | Yoshi Tanenbaum for Silver Trucks

26 March 2014, 11.01 | Posted in Skateboarding, trucks, videos | 2 comments »

Peep our live YouTube remix of Yoshi Tanenbaum’s new minute of heat for Silver Trucks! Just put the volume down on the top video and let the music play below. Fire son!

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The Danish Royal Boys

19 August 2013, 11.42 | Posted in Skateboarding, trucks, videos | 92 comments »

This rad video from Royal Trucks reminds us how summer in Scandinavia is pretty much a skate utopia. The only problem is summer only lasts like two weeks over there. Even so, it looks like Sebastian Wang-Holm, Villads Larsen, Nicolai Minde, Søren Nielsen, Chris Ørnebjerg, Kern Handler, Kasper Laugesen, Marc Andresen, Jonathan Isaksen, Casper Hechmann, Mads Sand, Freddie Lonka, Magnus Kreiberg, and Tobias Lynge got it in.

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Tony Hawk’s 2013 Welcome To Indy Video Part

15 January 2013, 13.25 | Posted in Skateboarding, trucks, videos | No comments »

Independent Trucks is stoked to announce Tony Hawk as the newest addition to their team. His welcome edit was filmed over the past couple months and features some never before seen tricks along with cameos from Indy team riders Riley Hawk, Aaron JAWS Homoki, and Ben Raybourn. So sit back and watch the Birdman soar.

Venture Trucks | TK x Fly Society – Always On The Grind

28 September 2012, 12.00 | Posted in collabs, Skateboarding, trucks | 1 comment »

Terry Kennedy has linked up with Venture for a Fly Society truck collab. Peep the intro video above and then head here for the newest Venture release of Fall 2012.

Luis Tolentino for Thunder Trucks

05 July 2012, 14.07 | Posted in Skateboarding, trucks, videos | 1 comment »

Get a look at Luis Tolentino beasting in this video for Thunder Trucks and the new Thunder Hollow Lights. When you’re done head here to see the entire line-up of their Summer ’12 products.

Venture Trucks | Boo Johnson – Nightrun V-Lights

15 May 2012, 14.58 | Posted in Skateboarding, trucks, videos | No comments »

Venture presents Boo Johnson rocking the new Nigtrun V-Lights Trucks. They’ll only be in select stores but you can win a set here.

Venture | Paul Rodriguez The Code Trucks

23 April 2012, 15.35 | Posted in Skateboarding, trucks | No comments »

Venture just dropped this Dexter themed edit for P-Rod’s newest trucks, The Code. Check out the video and then hit the links to see T-Puds and Stevie Williams new trucks as well.

Julian Davidson for Thunder Trucks

06 April 2012, 16.06 | Posted in Skateboarding, trucks, videos | No comments »

Thunder has a new edit of Julian Davidson riding the 149 Lights. Watch it now and then head over to Thunders Facebook page to win a pair.

Theeve Welcomes Benny Fairfax

16 March 2012, 13.19 | Posted in Skateboarding, trucks, videos | 1 comment »

Theeve Titanium Truck Co. is proud to welcome Benny Fairfax to the Pro Team. Peep his welcome video as you ease into the weekend.

Venture | Danny Falla & Silvester Eduardo – Black Top Truck

28 February 2012, 17.17 | Posted in Skateboarding, trucks, videos | No comments »

Ventures latest clip features Danny Falla and Silvester Eduardo in the streets of New York riding the new Black Top Truck.