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English Granny on GTA V

30 October 2013, 13.05 | Posted in comedy, video games | 3 comments »

Alright we know this has nothing to do with anything but it’s so funny we had to post. If you on you’re Grand Theft Auto 5 this is going to have you falling out. Via Worldstar.

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41 Crazy Details in GTA 5

11 October 2013, 10.31 | Posted in video games | 7 comments »

We can’t lie, we’ve been obsessed with Grant Theft Auto 5 since the day it came out, but it’s like c’mon what other first person shooter/driving game let’s you jack a BMX bike and then rip it on a halfpipe?! The shit is insane. Because we’re going to spend the rest of the weekend playing we thought it would be appropriate to share this compilation of 41 mind blowing mini details from IGN. Enjoy.

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Mighty Healthy | I Get Nowhere Unless The Team Wins – TV Commercial

30 June 2013, 16.30 | Posted in advertising, Skateboarding, video games | 2 comments »

Mighty Healthy has been holding it down a one of the dopest brands to rep the East Coast and continues to bring the fire with their stylish NBC commercial spot. Peep the tv edit that features Mighty Healthy’s Fall 2013 collection along with Pete Eldridge, Chris Colbourn, Connor Champion and Radcollector familia Alex Corporan.

EA Sports SSX Snowboarding on Dose

EA Sports is dropping the new SSX Snowboarding today, the gnarliest version of their shred game to date. This latest installment features Travis Rice and the “9 Deadly Descents,” a global shred mission that includes volcanoes, nuclear power plants, and even squirrel suits. Tim Brodhagen interviewed EA’s Creative Director Todd Batty about what went into making the game in the newest episode of Dose on Network A. The show also looks at Steve Rodriguez’s game changing renovation of Chinatown’s Coleman Park.

Neff Beanie Blizzard

26 May 2011, 13.55 | Posted in video games | No comments »

Neff, a company with a seemingly unstoppable ability to metamorphize has been killing the micro game game for a minute with games on their site. Now they’ve stepped it up with the release of Neff Beanie Blizzard for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The best part of the game is that it’s free. Get it here.

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Neff SuckaJump Video Game

16 November 2010, 16.45 | Posted in video games, websites | No comments »

As part of the new NeffWorld website, Neff has launched the Suckajump video game. Essentially a jumping game like Doodlejump for iPhone, it gets dumb addictive and is way more fun than actually getting work done. Plus you can win a box of stuff from Neff if you get the highest score one month. Go here to play.


Rip Curl | Live The Search Video Game

25 October 2010, 12.34 | Posted in surfing, video games | 1 comment »

Continuing to get their multimedia on, Rip Curl has just released a new video game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Live The Search: The Ultimate Surfing Game lets you travel the world and surf famous breaks as pro’s like Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore or as a customized player. The game is available via iTunes now.

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Tony Hawk Shred Commercial

18 August 2010, 14.20 | Posted in advertising, Skateboarding, snowboarding, video games | No comments »

Speaking of the new 686 site, we picked up this new ad there for Tony Hawk: Shred, the follow up to Ride that also uses the deck attachment. It’s always good to see dudes like Chaz Ortiz and Louie Vito get they money but it pretty much looks like as far as the game goes, anyone over 10 is gonna wanna rock with EA Skate. Or maybe just go outside and do it for real.

Danny Way’s Hawaiian Dream

09 July 2010, 11.28 | Posted in Skateboarding, video games | 1 comment »

Video games may have created a legion of pasty faced fat kids in America but one thing is for sure, EA Skate has had nothing but a positive benefit on the youth of today and society as a whole. After all, where else could you see a dream Danny Way once had of the perfect skatepark in Hawaii turned into skateable quasi-reality accessible from the comfort of your own home? Exactly. Paradise is available on XBOX Live and PSN for 560 MS points or $6.99.

Luis Tolentino | Firing Line

15 June 2010, 10.47 | Posted in Skateboarding, video games | No comments »

Luis Tolentino is everywhere these days, after putting on a show for his Queens heads at the Maloof Money Cup the SHUT am now has an edit on Thrasher showcasing how he can put together a line. Check it out.