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First Snow Ever in NYC

03 January 2014, 10.06 | Posted in weather | 2 comments »

Ok it isn’t the first snow ever in NYC but with the way people are acting you’d think it was. Seriously, all work, school, everything is closed. People in Moscow must be cracking up. Anyway since no one else is working we’re gonna go out and play for a while too, see ya in a few!

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It’s Snowing!!

25 September 2013, 08.35 | Posted in snowboarding, weather | 1 comment »

This is the type of shit we like to wake up to! Judging from nearly every pro snowboarder’s instagram, it snowed last night! Yup, there’s already some of the white stuff at Whistler, Lake Tahoe, and all over Colorado like in the shot of Aspen we got from Transworld. Let’s get it!


dose | Lukas Huffman on Surfing After Sandy

16 January 2013, 14.34 | Posted in films, surfing, Tragedy, weather | 1 comment »

In the latest dose, Tim Brodhagen explores the devastation that New York City’s Rockaway neighborhood is still enduring almost three months after Hurricane Sandy. He also interviews former pro snowboarder Lukas Huffman about his recent documentary “Surfing After Sandy,” which he produced with his brother Jesse. Its some pretty heavy stuff but NYC’s surf community and beyond is still in need. You can follow the link in the video to help.

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Luis Tolentino vs Hurricane Sandy

31 October 2012, 12.06 | Posted in craze, Skateboarding, videos, weather | No comments »

Alrighty then, we are finally back up and running after Hurricane Sandy! Luckily we were spared a lot of the worst shit that people all over New York City are still dealing with, the latest being reports of residential looting, but it was still one of the craziest experiences of our lives. It wasn’t all bad though, and one of the bright spots was the creation of tons of new obstacles around the city to skate. Check it out as local Luis Tolentino makes the best out of a bad situation. Another one after the jump.

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Hurricane Sandy: Surf’s Up NYC

29 October 2012, 13.42 | Posted in surfing, weather | No comments »

Hurricane Sandy may have the city’s panties all in a bunch right now, but at least its bringing in some killer sets – check out this wave from Rockaway this weekend. Too bad Quiksilver hadn’t planned the Pro for this year. Via

Colorado Shred Season Opens Tomorrow

07 October 2011, 15.15 | Posted in resorts, snowboarding, weather | 1 comment »

We can’t help but me maaad excited about this one – Colorado is opening for shredding tomorrow! Yessir, thanks to whatever death rays are throwing our global ecosystem into chaos, Wolf Creek got 36 inches this week and will be open tomorrow morning for first tracks. Go here to book a trip.


04 February 2011, 16.32 | Posted in craze, weather | 1 comment »

While Chicago was nearing total annihilation in the face of the snowstorm this week, the Rubbish crew did the only logical thing – they hit the streets and shredded. Featuring Jake Zalutsky doing the raddest shredding the Windy City has seen since the Boost Mobile Pro in Soldier Field.

Vermont Early Season Pow

10 December 2010, 12.33 | Posted in resorts, snowboarding, weather | No comments »

They don’t call it the Ice Coast for nothing. That’s why anybody within a days drive of Vermont is bugging right now. With two feet already fallen and a couple more on the way for this weekend, almost every mountain in the state is having real deal powder day and its only the beginning of December! Hit up Ski Vermont to plan your mission. That’s Bolton Valley above, peep Sugarbush and Killington after the jump.

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Copper Dump!

17 November 2010, 14.57 | Posted in resorts, snowboarding, weather | No comments »

In some news that has the Radcollector staff buggin, Copper Mountain in Colorado has gotten over a foot of fresh pow in the last day and a total of 28 inches in the past 72 hours. We would totally be out there if our private jet wasn’t still in the shop!

Colorado Shred Season Begins

25 October 2010, 16.17 | Posted in resorts, snowboarding, weather | No comments »

Gearing up for what everyone hopes will be an El Nino year of epic proportions, Loveland Ski Area in Colorado opened yesterday. As you can see in the photo, three snowboarders bogarted the first chair, you know how we do! Arapaho Basin opens today. Road trip anyone?