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Rio Street Wakeboarding Video

09 April 2010, 11.58 | Posted in videos, weather | No comments »

As a follow up to the images we brought you of dudes shredding wakeboards on city streets in Rio this week, here’s a quick video. Only in Brasil could you pop this off, in the US, they’d have you locked up. You can look at even more photos here.

Wakeboarding in the City

06 April 2010, 18.44 | Posted in weather | 1 comment »

There has been so much rain in Rio de Janeiro over the last couple days that the whole city has shut down and dudes are wakeboarding in the streets behind trucks. Peep the rad gallery by Andre Magarao at Globo Esporte.

Rad Collector Snowed Out

01 March 2010, 15.38 | Posted in online, weather | No comments »

You may have noticed that we’ve been offline since Thursday. Rad Collector HQ got smacked this weekend and although we are all snow lovers, the fact that the storm knocked out internet and cable for three days did not a happy office make. While we may or may not have snuck in some turns and even broken a bone or two during the outtage we are all stoked to be back online. Praise the Interwebz! Photo by Khalid West / BLK OPS.

Oakley Arctic Challenge Postponed

14 December 2009, 14.59 | Posted in Competitions, snowboarding, weather | No comments »

Rad Collector - Oakley Arctic Challenge Postponed
In some news that is sure to be disappointing to everyone from riders to environmentalists to the shred dogs counting on a “Blonde Avalanche” New Year’s party, it’s just been announced that the Oakley Arctic Challenge has been postponed until March. The format change to slopestyle didn’t help things but it seems most likely that humanity’s continued disregard for global warming is the true culprit. The official statement said this:

To protect the partners investments in TAC, the organization decided today
to postpone the event to March. Warmer temperatures than normal in both
November and December has made it impossible to produce enough snow.

Hopefully they are back in business for the new projected date of March 5.

Copper Top to Bottom Open

06 November 2009, 15.04 | Posted in resorts, snowboarding, weather | No comments »

Rad Collector - Copper Top to Bottom Open
Hot Damn it really is on! Copper Mountain in Colorado opened top to bottom operations this morning. With a nice 18″ mid-mountain base, 3 lifts, 60 acres and 4 trails open as well as the Eagle Jib Park, die hard shreds are getting their first full taste of the mountain today. The good shit continues this Saturday with the Lift Off concert featuring The Heyday, DJ Mike Relm and The Rapture. More nice snow pics after the jump.

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Dumping in Colorado

28 October 2009, 23.49 | Posted in resorts, snowboarding, weather | No comments »

Rad Collector - Dumping in Colorado
This is the news we’ve been waiting for! After early snow gave way for some of the earliest mountain openings in 40 years, Colorado just got blessed with its first major dumping. Everybody’s getting hit. For full resort opening and conditions info go here.


The North Face Snow Report 2.0

28 October 2009, 13.46 | Posted in apps, snowboarding, tech, weather | No comments »

Rad Collector - The North Face Snow Report 2.0
After dropping one of the most successful apps in the snow industry last year, The North Face has upgraded their Snow Report app for the 2010 season. With a new aggregation feature, the app now combines up to the minute weather and conditions reports with real time resort-specific Twitter feeds to tell you everything about almost any mountain on the earth any time you want. The only thing it doesn’t do is shred for you. Cop it for free right here.

Loveland Opens

07 October 2009, 20.37 | Posted in resorts, snowboarding, weather | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Loveland Opens
No f’in way. It’s October 7 and Colorado is open for shred! Taking the title for resort with the earliest legit opening, Colorado’s Loveland just beat out perennial early opener mainstay A-Basin by letting dudes rip today on an 18 inch base of packed pow. For reals, this launch was Lovelnad’s earliest opening in 40 years. The snow gods are kind!

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Snow Falling at Copper

21 September 2009, 11.49 | Posted in resorts, snowboarding, weather | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Snow Falling at Copper
Oh shiznit, it’s finally here! The news from the West this morning is that its dumping on Copper Mountain. At this rate, there ought to be powder fields by the time the November 6 opening day comes around. Copper is going to be extra banging this year with mad Olympians stopping through to take advantage of the new snow-based Woodward. Peep some more pics of the white stuff after the jump.

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