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Neff 2011 Website

14 October 2010, 15.03 | Posted in websites | No comments »

Neff has a brand new website making its debut on the interweb this week. Along with all the regular stuff you’d expect to find like products, athletes and event news, they’ve also launched a new sub site called Neff World full of video games, cartoons and plenty of the man known as Snoop Dee Oh Double Gee. Go there now nephew.


Zimtstern 2011 Website

30 September 2010, 17.50 | Posted in snowboarding, websites | No comments »

Swiss brand Zimtstern has dropped into the 2011 season with the launch of their new website today. The site has all the bells and whistles required of a futuristic shred portal including new cloud seeding technology that allows you to point and click on a world map to make it snow on your home hill withing 24 hours. Ok we’re lying about that last part.


anon 2011

23 September 2010, 18.07 | Posted in goggles, snowboarding, team, websites | No comments »

anon is back with their 2011 line, a new site and some new additions to their team. Back to being goggle specific, the new site features a lens simulator that lets you get a look at lens tints and how they would realistically function in multiple natural light scenarios. On the team side, Jack Mitrani, Johnnie Paxson and Bode Merrill were called up to join Jake Welch, Hannah Teter, Peetu Piiroinen, Annie Boulanger, Jeremy Jones, Frederik Kalbermatten, Gabi Viteri, Mark Landvik and Nic Sauve to create one massive crew of heavy hitters.


Nike Zoom DK Commercial

09 September 2010, 15.34 | Posted in advertising, boots, snowboarding, websites | 2 comments »

Nike Snowboarding, not to be confused with Nike 6.0’s snowboard team, just launched their new website with this batshit crazy commercial for the Zoom DK. Crazy though it may be, snowboarding needs way more stuff like this. Check out more of the macabre here.

éS x 2005

08 September 2010, 15.57 | Posted in Skateboarding, websites | No comments »

éS is slowly creeping towards the present with their retrospective website and have now arrived at 2005. If you don’t remember much from that year go read the interview with former team manager Tony Evjenth, who may be able to fill in some of the gaps. Although they won’t apply to your life, his memories are surely more positive than what you’ll find on wikipedia from that year.


Bonfire 2011 Site

02 September 2010, 10.46 | Posted in snowboarding, websites | No comments »

The latest “oh eleven” shredsite to launch is Bonfire’s. Hit em up for product, team, events, free shit and more while you patiently await the snow.


Highsnobiety x Super | Andrea

26 August 2010, 12.46 | Posted in collabs, sunglasses, websites | No comments »

In celebration of their fifth year our flagship site Highsnobiety has released their second collaborative pair of sunglasses with Super. The Highsnobiety x Super Andrea is vintage tortoise, Zeiss lenses, and the oh so buttery Highsnobiety crest in gold. Limited to 80 pairs globally. See them in detail here.

Skateboarding Starts With éS | 2004

25 August 2010, 16.39 | Posted in history, Skateboarding, websites | No comments »

The next drop in the Skateboarding Starts With éS web campaign dropped today with 2004. What was so great about 2004? Well, Facebook was founded, Ronald Reagan died, PJ Ladd won $10,000 at the Second Annual éS Game of SKATE, and Eric Koston dropped the K6. Go here to relive it all.

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Forum’s 2011 Site Goes Live

19 August 2010, 13.10 | Posted in snowboarding, videos, websites | No comments »

Forum’s new site is up and includes lots of new goodies and videos like the one above. Check out to peep the latest technology and what Peter Line, Pat Moore, Jake Welch, Stevie Bell, John Jackson, Nic Sauve, Andreas Wiig, and all the Youngbloods are up to.



18 August 2010, 19.03 | Posted in history, Skateboarding, websites | No comments »

New York’s original skate brand, SHUT got the OG treatment with a lengthy historical writeup by Andrew Sayer for Canadian skate site Our man and one of the most uncredited shooters in skateboarding, Michael Cohen, did most of the photography including the shot above. Read the entire piece here.