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686 2011 Website

18 August 2010, 14.06 | Posted in snowboarding, websites | No comments »

686 has just launched their new website for 2011. Laid out in a nice blog format and featuring tons of multimedia as well as product info and where to buy both online and in real life, it’s a site you’ll want to check whether you are shopping or just cruising for rad shit.


Biebel’s World

12 August 2010, 12.44 | Posted in Skateboarding, websites | No comments »

Brandon Biebel has a new website appropriately named Biebel’s world. Check out the new stuff on it including videos from the Lakai warehouse.

Special Blend 2011 Site

04 August 2010, 18.05 | Posted in snowboarding, websites | No comments »

Special Blend also dropped their new site today for winter 2011. In addition to the blog, Facebook updates from John Jackson, Stevie Bell, Nic Sauve, Jake Welch, Daniel Ek, Niko Cioffi, and Austen Sweetin and a new video section featuring this First Chair/Last Call edit with John Jackson, they’ve got a sneak peak at the full 2011 line. Go here for more.

Burton Snowboards Launches New 2011 Website & Catalog

04 August 2010, 13.41 | Posted in snowboarding, websites | 1 comment »

You know winter is right around the corner because Burton has just launched its completely re-designed website and released the 2011 Burton Catalog. The new site will have extensive team rider info, updates and profiles and the ability to connect to a global rider network, to exact coordinates of your local snowboard shop and live info from local mountains. Its still hot out but never too early to be prepared.


New KR3W Site

28 July 2010, 16.41 | Posted in Skateboarding, websites | No comments »

The KR3W crew just launched a new website today. You can check out the new clean interface and tons of multimedia featuring The Muska, TK, Lizard King, Antwuan Dixon, Jim Greco, Erik Ellington and even Lindsey Lohan’s boo/ex-boo Samantha Ronson right here.


Foursquare Launches 2011 Website

22 July 2010, 10.46 | Posted in snowboarding, Uncategorized, websites | No comments »

Foursquare has launched its new 2011 Website. The site was built from the ground up with a focus on simplicity, ease of use, clean aesthetics and function. With a new new video section, the blog feed, and the team pages you can check it all out here.


Skateboarding Starts With éS | 2001 Timeline

15 July 2010, 14.18 | Posted in Skateboarding, websites | No comments »

“Skateboarding starts with éS” has launched its timeline for the year 2001. That year Eric Koston added a young prodigy to the team by the name of Paul Rodriguez, and Arto Saari was named Thrasher’s SOTY. Thats just a taste of what happened in the éS world that year but you can read the rest here.


Fourstar Fall 2010 Catalog

09 July 2010, 12.01 | Posted in catalogs, Skateboarding, websites | No comments »

Fourstar recently updated their site with their new Fall 2010 catalog along with a dope photo feature. You can check out all the new upgrades here.


Menikmati | Full Version Online

30 June 2010, 16.20 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos, websites | No comments »

As part of their rad ongoing SkateboardingStartsWith.eS throwback website project, éS has done us all the huge favor of posting 2000’s Menikmati in its entirety today. Burnquist, Koston, Rick McCrank, Tom Penny, Arto Saari, they were all there, as was a youngster named Paul Rodriguez, damn its hard to believe how much has happened in only a decade. But enough bullshitting, make yourself a sandwich and roll something up and watch it right here!

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éS Timeline | 1999 x Rodrigo TX

16 June 2010, 17.55 | Posted in history, interviews, Skateboarding, websites | No comments »

éS just dropped their latest timeline piece today with a look back at 1999. The year famous for partying is also the year famous for Menikmati. For the launch, éS had Rodrigo TX take us on a little trip down shred memory lane. Go to for more.

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