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dose | Sneaker Pawn Shop

08 August 2014, 16.55 | Posted in Sneakers | No comments »

From a brownstone at the corner of 120th and Lenox in Harlem, NY, 16 year old Chase Reed is changing the sneaker game with his brand new store, Sneaker Pawn. Taking the pawn shop concept and applying it to in-demand sneakers, Sneaker Pawn gives small loans in exchange for sneakers and returns the kicks when the loan is repaid less a small storage fee. Or they sell sneakers on consignment with an 80/20 split in favor of the shoe’s owners. Combine those terms with a collection of the best Jordans and Nike’s in the world and you have a business built to succeed. See the kicks and listen as Chase explains to Timbo how he did it on dose.

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Camelback Indoor Waterpark Hotel

08 August 2014, 14.47 | Posted in resorts | No comments »

Shit is about to be poppin on the East Coast when Camelback Mountain in Pennsylvania becomes home to the biggest ski In/ski out Indoor waterpark hotel in America. If that sounds crazy to you, don’t worry it sounds bananas to us as well – but we can’t wait to go there! Called the Camelback Lodge & Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark, the 533,000 suqare foot structure costs $163 million and will feature: six pools, wavepool, lazy river, swim up bar, the Bombora Flowrider indoor surfing simulator, and 13 waterslides. It’s also going to have the longest indoor “watercoaster” in the U.S, the largest installation of Texlon transparant roofing for year-round sun tanning, and a 30,000 square-foot entertainment center including arcade, indoor ropes course, nine-hole mini-golf, laser tag arena, bowling, and laser maze. An oh yeah, you can snowboard right up to the front door. The outside is above, take a look at the floorplan after the jump.

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Radcollector Interviews | Akira Presidente

07 August 2014, 12.25 | Posted in interviews, Music | No comments »

Our global wave chaser and lifetime Bed Stuy representative Brian Deka Paupaw has brought us another installment of his series on Brasilian hip hop with an interview with rising Rio de Janeiro artist Akira Presidente. Besides having a dope name and working alongside Brasilian super MC Marcelo D2 (video after the jump), Akira makes hip hop in the tradition of Big, Jay Z, Nas, Big L, Wu tang, J Dilla, A Tribe Called Quest, Snoop, Planet Hemp, and Racionais Mc’s. In other words, he’s someone you should know. Read the entire interview here.

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Natural Koncept in Ocean City

07 August 2014, 12.02 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

JZ and the Natural Koncept crew have been tearing up the US on the High Class Creepin tour and just put together this edit from their stop in Ocean City Maryland. Peep Tal Cual, Brandon “Boner” Bonner, Chris “Cmart” Martin, Dave “The Dave” Davis, Adrian McElhaney, and Brendan Leung doing what they do best: rip.

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dose | Jeremy Jones Higher

04 August 2014, 20.15 | Posted in films, snowboarding | No comments »

We showed you the trailer for Jeremy Jones’ insane new film Higher last week, now take a look as he breaks down just how major the production (and risk) was. After a year in edits and a lifetime in the making Higher is poised to be one of the sickest big mountain shred flicks ever made. Jones also explains to Timbo what brought him to ThirtyTwo as the newest member of their team.

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Airblaster | Searching for Sasquatch

04 August 2014, 19.51 | Posted in outerwear, snowboarding | No comments »

Now this is how you do a lookbook. Instead of the usual boring shit, Airblaster sent Tim Eddy and Temple Cummins to the pacific Northwest to test out the new “Sasquatch” technical outerwear line while searching for the mythical beast that bears the same name. Peep some rad pics after the jump.

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Neff x Disney Villains Collection

04 August 2014, 19.30 | Posted in apparel, collabs | No comments »

With every other skate or streetwear brand trying to cash in on Disney with a capsule collection over the last couple years we’ve pretty much over the concept. That being said we can’t front on Neff’s new “Villains” collection, the first time a brand has specifically created apparel inspired by a Disney villain instead of the hero. The “Villains” collection starts with Captain Hook and will move to others throughout the seasons. Check out a full look at Hook’s line after the jump.

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Jeremy Jones Higher Trailer

30 July 2014, 15.41 | Posted in films, snowboarding | No comments »

Gnarly backcountry vet Jeremy Jones released the trailer for his new film Higher today. The final installment of his Teton Gravity Research trilogy which included Deeper and Further looks like it might easily be the sickest yet. Now with a family depending on him every risk he takes carries much higher potential consequences. Look for it to premier this fall.

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Agenda NYC | Expedition One & Organika

25 July 2014, 19.45 | Posted in decks, Skateboarding | No comments »

Although maybe not as clever as 5boro’s we also really liked Expedition One and Organika’s new boards at Agenda. The pro models are fresh but extra props must go out for the Fido cruiser – that shit is ill! Another snap by Pete Pabon.

Agenda NYC | 5boro VHS Series

25 July 2014, 16.48 | Posted in decks, Skateboarding | No comments »

Of all the board series’ we saw at Agenda this week, 5boro’s VHS series easily wins the prize for most dope. Based on the packaging of all the old blank VHS tape brands like Maxell, Sony, JVC, TDK, and Fuji these will bug out anyone over 30. For the youth, Google “VHS” to understand. Photo by Peter Pabon.

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