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The Snurfer is Back

12 November 2014, 14.49 | Posted in snowboarding | No comments »

Racollector - Snurfer Boards 2014
Some pretty fresh news today for anyone who remembers the true OG roots of snowboarding with the announcement that Snurfer is relaunching. Originally created in 1965 by Sherman Poppen, the Snurfer was Jake Burton’s inspiration and is being revived by Brew Moscarello, the man behind Vew-Do Balance Boards. We can’t wait to head up to Vermont to try one ourselves! Hit the jump for more looks at the Nomad and Classic in red and yellow and head to the Snurfer Shop to buy one direct.

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adidas Snowboarding | Nomad Vol 3 Teaser

12 November 2014, 13.56 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

We’ve been patiently waiting for part three of adidas’ dope Nomad series and today we get confirmation that we won’t have to wait much more. Nomad Part 3 drops Monday, stay tuned.

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Adrian X | Deeda Bwah

12 November 2014, 13.20 | Posted in craze | No comments »

We saw this on WorldStar today and had our minds blown much in the way we did after seeing Spooky Black for the first time. But we weren’t so sure it was the “Young White Rapper” the site was crediting with the headline “Pure Foolery: Little Boy Named “Young White Rapper” Trying To Be The Next Rap Star With This Trippy Song!” Sure enough, this video is actually over 6 years old and has only 1700 views at this moment. It was Adrian X’s debut video and alas, he was clearly just wayyy too ahead of his time. Young Thug needs to pay tribute!

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adidas x HVW8 x Kevin Lyons x Jean André

11 November 2014, 16.01 | Posted in artist collaboration, Skateboarding, Sneakers | No comments »

Radcollector - ADIDAS X HVW8-14.jpg_800
adidas Skateboarding has linked with the Los Angeles gallery/art space HVW8 for a round of sneaker collabs with artists Kevin Lyons and Jean André. The collabs, which are applied to adidas Seeley and adi-Ease models, will launch with a show at HVW8 in LA on November 15 before moving to Art Basel in Miami and finally being available at Pac Sun locations starting in December. Take a full look at the collection after the jump.

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Armored Benz Taking AK-47 Shots

11 November 2014, 15.40 | Posted in cars, craze | No comments »

A lot of daredevil shit comes across these pages but the CEO of Texas Armoring Corp taking point blank rounds from an AK-47 to prove his product works is one of the ballsiest things we’ve ever seen. Lest you think it’s fake they roll a single take version after the first multicam action. Only in Texas!

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Burton | Danny Davis & Ben Ferguson Peace Park Full Part

11 November 2014, 12.03 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | 1 comment »

Today we get a blessing from Burton with two of the hardest charging yet mellowest in manner snowboarders, Danny Davis and Ben Ferguson, having a field day at Grand Targhee’s Peace Park. Mark McMorris, Roope Tonteri, and Gabe Ferguson also make appearances, check out the 45 minute Peace Park special coming out on ABC on November 30th at 2pm.

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Eminem x Slaughterhouse | “Shady CXVPHER”

10 November 2014, 17.33 | Posted in Music | No comments »

It’s been pretty well established that Slaughterhouse can’t put together a good song to save their lives but it is undisputed that Eminem, Royce da 5’9″, Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, Crooked I, and Yelawolf are beasts when it comes to laying down verses in a BET style “Cypher.” But can today’s generation handle 20 minutes of a cappella rhyming? That’s the question Em and them ask with this, tell us what you think on our Facebook page.

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Monster Energy is Satanic?

10 November 2014, 16.52 | Posted in energy drinks | No comments »

We can’t lie, as far as conspiracy theories go, this one is all time! Check out how somebody’s mom goes in on Monster Energy for being a Satanic drink. Sure Monster tastes like shit but Satanic? She’s got Hebrew Numerology, Christian Symbolism and Bible quotes in there but the best part is watching her give Monster their epic next marketing slogan: “Bottoms Up and the Devil Laughs!” Too good!

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Richer Poorer Winter 2014/15

10 November 2014, 16.29 | Posted in socks | No comments »

We often wonder how many people in action sports collectively yelled “d’oh!” the instant Stance came out. We bet it was a lot. Not that that is a bad thing because honestly the sock game had gotten pretty stale and now it seems like socks grow on trees. Just ask Richer Poorer who recently brought Chris Pastras on to curate their skate program. If Pastras is on board we are too, check out their new line above.

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Nitro | The Bad Seeds Full Length Video

10 November 2014, 15.37 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

It was a warm day in NYC today and so we thank the Nitro crew for reminding us that the impending arctic blast has a definite silver lining. Please enjoy their new release “The Bad Seeds” in it’s entirety and you’ll be chanting up the Snow Gods too.

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