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Axion Mandela | Fall Colorways

12 January 2010, 16.11 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers | 15 comments »

Rad Collector - Axion Mandela Fall Colorways
Axion keeps making steady moves and had an even bigger presence at Agenda that included some apparel and team members like Manny Santiago and Javier Nunez. Their standout silhouette, the Mandela, has been expanded in both colors and fabrications for fall including the leather “Gucci” model above and a blue and grey canvas model in addition to the purple suede. Check out the other two after the jump.

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Powder & Rails | Chris Roach

12 January 2010, 13.10 | Posted in history, interviews, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Another episode of Powder & Rails has just dropped on This time it’s legendary party shred Chris Roach at his California compound demonstrating that his life is pretty much gnarly as ever.

CCS x Stereo Tech Flex Chino

11 January 2010, 18.56 | Posted in collabs, pants, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - CCS x Stereo Tech Flex Chino
CCS and Stereo have released a tiny tease of their upcoming collaboration, the Tech Flex Chino. With tech skate denim all the rage in 2009 it makes sense that 2010 sees tech move into all the other pants categories, we gotta give the jeans a rest every now and then right? More on this soon.

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Oakley Anti-Freeze Frogskins

11 January 2010, 16.32 | Posted in special editions, sunglasses | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Oakley Anti-Freeze Frogskins
The other standout piece at the Oakley booth at Agenda were these transparent slime green Frogskins. Dubbed, “Anti Freeze,” there is a rumor that if you were tapped in the backcountry with a stalled out sled, you could melt these down for one last chance at getting the engine started. They will be sold out before they drop. Another look after the jump.

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RVCA x Ed Templeton

11 January 2010, 15.35 | Posted in artist collaboration, tradeshows | No comments »

Rad Collector - RVCA x Ed Templeton
If you couldn’t tell already, there was a lot of hot shit at this Agenda, and we are gonna keep serving it up. This next one isn’t product related but speaks more to the ambiance of the show. You already saw Bigfoot putting in work on a mural in out first post from the show, now check out this ill piece Ed Templeton did for RVCA using the model Erin Wasson. Dope.

Emerica x Toy Machine | Romero 2

11 January 2010, 14.41 | Posted in collabs, Pro Models, Skateboarding, Sneakers | 3 comments »

Rad Collector - Emerica x Toy Machine Romero 2
The next banger coming from Emerica is the new Leo Romero collab with Toy Machine. With a new, slimmer shape for Leo’s pro model done up in diablo red, the shoe also features a custom foot bed featuring the Transistor Sect character by Ed Templeton as well as Toy Machine branding on the tongue. Check out a couple more detail shots after the jump.

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Altamont x Starter

11 January 2010, 14.15 | Posted in collabs, hats, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Altamont x Starter
More heat from Agenda. Continuing with their high profile collabos in skate, Starter has linked with Altamont for a series of snap back caps. They obviously aren’t re-inventing the wheel here, but the simple “A” flipped Little League old school is just an overall good look. Check out another angle after the jump.

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Oakley x Primitive | P-Rod Frogskin

09 January 2010, 11.42 | Posted in collabs, Skateboarding, sunglasses | 7 comments »

Rad Collector - Oakley x Primitive P-Rod Frogskin
Another banger from Agenda this weekend is P-Rod’s Primitive x Oakley Frogskin. Just like his Primitive Nixon from a little while back, the Frogskin comes in P-Rizzle’s trademark purple. Take a closer look after the jump.

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Lungie Land Vol. 14

09 January 2010, 10.55 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Luckily we have Deadlung to help lighten up the bummer of that previous post. Here is Lungie Land #14 in all it’s heat-sensor glory. This is Deadlung, Aaron Biittner, and Justin Bennee doing what they do, Snowbird style.

ABC News Kevin Pearce Report

09 January 2010, 10.46 | Posted in injuries, snowboarding, WTF | 1 comment »

In some less rad news, we felt compelled to post this mind boggling video of ABC News’ ridiculously ignorant coverage of Kevin Pearce’s injury that frames the entire sport of snowboarding as one giant accident waiting to happen. On top of that they make it seem like snowboarders are still a brainless lot pushing themselves into injuries because they don’t know any better. Disgusting. Check out more commentary on Boardistan.