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13th Witness x Nigel Sylvester | Behind The Scenes- Mass Transit Audacity

17 May 2013, 12.18 | Posted in bmx, photography, Uncategorized, videos | 1 comment »

Yesterday 13th Witness & Nigel Sylvester launched their latest project entitled Mass Transit Audacity and we’re bringing you a behind the scenes look at how the first photo in the collaboration came to be. Peep this iPhone video of the duo capturing that rad moment in the subways of NYC.

Nigel Sylvester x 13th Witness | Mad Transit Audacity

15 May 2013, 15.13 | Posted in bmx, photography | 6 comments »

Radcollector homies Nigel Sylvester & 13th Witness are at it again, this time doing some insane wiling out in the NYC subway system for a project called Mad Transit Audacity. As you can see by the first of 13 images which are releasing on June 13th, the photos are beyond insane!

The Hundreds Summer Footwear Edit by 13th Witness

25 April 2011, 15.15 | Posted in Sneakers, videos | No comments »

There’s more than a few familiar NYC faces in this new Summer 2011 footwear teaser for The Hundreds by 13th Witness, who makes a cameo appearance as himself at the end.

13th Witness x Nigel Sylvester | Run for Cover

07 September 2010, 11.54 | Posted in bmx, videos | 1 comment »

Not too long ago we showed you a short teaser of the 13th Witness video featuring Nigel Sylvester riding through NYC. Now the full edit is here called “Run for Cover”, check it out.

13th Witness | The Takeover NYC Teaser

16 August 2010, 18.57 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

13th Witness has dropped a teaser of his latest edit featuring Nigel Sylvester. Peep Nigel as he rides through the concrete jungle captured in some dope angles and stay tuned for the full video soon.

Analog PLA Show

21 June 2010, 16.48 | Posted in exhibitions, photography | No comments »

Analog, who’ve been running the Permanent Light Archive, or PLA series for the last year to “showcase photographic works of Analog team riders, artists and friends” is having a show with these riders, artists and friends opening this Wednesday June 23rd at the Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach, California. The deep roster of contributors includes 13th Witness, Arto Saari, Hamburger Eyes, Atiba Jefferson, Grant Brittain, and Radcollector columnist Craig Wetherby, whose iconic Cyclone photo adorns the flyer. Full show info after the jump.

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13th Witness x Futura | Art of Facts

06 January 2010, 14.32 | Posted in Art, decks, lifestyle, videos | No comments »

13th Witness just dropped another sick video, this time featuring his dad and partner in crime, Futura. It’s always amazing to watch the man who’s fathered so many styles at work. Make sure to peep the limited edition Futura Laboratories skateboards that pop up towards the end. No word unfortunately on where to get one.

13th Witness Japan Night Skate Video

28 November 2009, 18.14 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

In his latest video, 13th Witness delivers this smooth edit of a lovely night skate through Shibuya and Harajuku in Tokyo with Shingo Iwasaki from T19. Looks like pure fun.

13th Witness x Nigel Sylvester | Escape From Tomorrow

12 November 2009, 11.44 | Posted in bmx, lifestyle, videos | No comments »

Between 6.0, Gatorade, and the Maestro, Nigel Sylvester has been getting more internet face time than Kanye. But you can’t say the kid doesn’t deserve it. Next up is this “Day in the Life” project Nigel did with 13th Witness, who told us how it came together, “I was shooting with the Maestro for his final NYC episode of “Maestro Knows” and Maestro called Nigel to come hang out. We were taking pictures and fucking around and we exchanged info. I had been wanting to make something action packed so I said ‘fuck that, I need to make a video with this guy.’ We met up, shot it and there it is.” Expect more to be bubblin from both of these talented dudes.

NYC Handballers Edit

09 November 2009, 12.56 | Posted in lifestyle, Random, videos | No comments »

Obviously handball isn’t included in the pantheon of action sports but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate this fresh video from 13th Witness about the subject. With the introduction of some flips and spins it seems like these dudes could take out parkour in a hot second.