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3d Skateboards | Camera Camo

10 January 2014, 12.14 | Posted in apparel, decks, hats, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

No matter how many camo patterns have been used before it seems like there is always room for another. A good case in point is Brian Anderson’s 3d Skateboard’s new Camera Camo print. Just like you’d think from the name, its camouflage made from cameras. Get is soon on hats, boards, and more. Our Agenda picks with TWS continue…

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King Shit 3D!

03 June 2010, 16.49 | Posted in magazines, Skateboarding | No comments »

King Shit, the last “we don’t give a fuck” skate magazine in existence has just cast themselves seriously against type and pulled out all the stops for their first ever edition in 3D. Turns out that James Cameron owed Chris Nieratko a favor for the suppression of some south of the border indiscretions a decade ago and agreed to produce the whole thing in his Avatar studio for free. Seriously. If you want to check out stuff like Brandon Del Bianco, The Street Demons, Koty Brown, Matt Berger, Dan Redmond, Tommy Guerrero, Ethan Fowler, Desmond Hoostie, Mike Campbell and Seb Labbe in full 3D glory you need to get to a skate shop in Eastern Canada on June 8th or Western Canada on June 14th (it’s delivered via Pony Express) or you need to go to the Radcollector Facebook page and tell us the 5 greatest 3D movies ever made. If your selections adhere to our standards, we’ll have a copy sent right to your door. A look at the cover after the jump.

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Von Zipper 3D Glasses

21 April 2010, 23.43 | Posted in collabs, films, sunglasses | 2 comments »

Just as we suspected, this 3D shit is not going anywhere anytime soon and even more like we suspected, a brand has stepped up to be the first to make 3D glasses with some steez. And the winner is Von Zipper. Peep some more prototypes for the Jackass 3D movie after the jump.

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KROOK3D Trailer

08 March 2010, 12.47 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

What did we say about 3D skateboarding? It’s about to be everywhere! Latest bit to drop is this Mike Anderson trailer for the new Krooked movie coming out this summer, KROOK3D. Now which company is going to come out with the first pair of dope permanent 3D glasses so we can actually enjoy these things in 3D? The ones we got from the X Games movie aren’t compatible. Watch the clip here.

X Games 3D

17 August 2009, 18.18 | Posted in contests, films, motocross, Skateboarding | No comments »

Just when you thought X Games couldn’t get any bigger – blam they hit you with X Games 3D! Starting this Friday and running only one week, this feature length 3D flick, shot on those ill Red cams, follows Shaun White, Bob Burnquist, Travis Pastrana, Danny Way, and Ricky Carmichael around as they get their X Games on. You know the 3D is gonna be sick. For a list of theaters go here or hit the X Games Facebook for all sorts of special stuff.