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Celtek Pyramid Gap Teaser

15 April 2010, 13.23 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Warning, this really is a teaser as in it will probably piss you off. First for missing the 7 foot April powder dump in Utah that Dan Brisse and Bjorn Leines got to hit, and second for what is left out of this edit. Oh well, now you’ve got a reason to cop that new Absinthe joint next fall.

Lungie Land Vol. 16

25 January 2010, 10.02 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | 1 comment »

Wake and bake and start the week right with Lungie Land Volume 16 straight from the powder fields of Utah. The new episode features magic carpet rides, J2 on the axe, Jake Watson, Bjorn Leines, Deadlung and Samsun McChillbury.

Celtek Clan Early Season Shred

10 December 2009, 11.53 | Posted in snowboarding, team, videos | No comments »

The Celtek Clan decided to take a break from shooting their 2011 catalog to get in some old fashioned early-season shredding. Erik and Bjorn Leines, Justin Bennee, Deadlung, Cale Zima, Stevie Bell, and Brandon Hammid ripped up Park City all day and then capped it off with a MFM skate session at night. That’s the life.

Bjorn Leines Live Twitter Interview

15 June 2009, 22.00 | Posted in interviews, online, snowboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Bjorn Leines Live Twitter Interview
Got some genius questions for Bjorn Leines that you can write in under 140 characters? You’re in luck because this Wednesday, June 17th, from 3 to 5pm EST, the man, the legend, the Rome SDS Pro will be online live hitting you back (also in 140 characters or less.) If your question is particularly rad, Bjorn himself might choose you to get a free pair of 2010 Folsom Boots. Just go to Rome’s Twitter page and put your question in the “What are you doing” box and end it with “#Rometeam.” The rest is up to fate.

Bjorn Leines Interview

09 June 2009, 19.41 | Posted in interviews, snowboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Bjorn Leines Interview
ESPN just caught up with OG super shredder Bjorn Leines for an interview. Bjorn has a very seasoned philosophy about both the business and lifestyle aspects of snowboarding and doesn’t hesitate to break it down with authority. Check him out as he talks about Rome, Celtek and still hucking himself silly at age 32. The full interview is here.

Volcom Team in NYC

01 February 2009, 20.38 | Posted in Events, Music, snowboarding | No comments »

With the Redbull Snowscrapers event going down this Thursday, this week is going to be the most shredded out week in the history of the rotten apple. Case in point is the Volcom Snow Team blowout popping off at the Volcom store this Wednesday, February 4th, at 7:45pm.

The Legend Terje Haakonsen will be making a rare appearance alongside Bjorn Leines, Kevin Pearce and Pat Moore while Volcom recording artists Valient Thorr thrash out the place. Get there early.