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4 Year Old BMX Twins

07 April 2014, 12.55 | Posted in bmx, craze | 1 comment »

We could try to come up with our own clever spin to an intro for this video but TheComeUp already nailed it with “They’re 4 years old, they’re twins and they can jump spines. Meet Jake and Theo. I can pretty much guarantee your emotional circuit board is about to overload from all the cuteness contained within.” Enjoy.

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Orange Juice x Quintin

26 June 2013, 23.45 | Posted in bmx, collabs, hats | 1 comment »

Following our earlier post about Orange Juice’s Barcie mission, we bring you these two excusive collabo hats from Orange Juice and Quintin. Pick up a six panel in either Bordeaux wine or navy right here. A look at the Bordeaux after the jump.

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Journeys Backyard BBQ BMX Demo

06 July 2012, 11.44 | Posted in bmx, Events, videos | 1 comment »

Vans BMX sent Cory “Nasty” Nastazio, Gary Young, Scotty Cranmer, Ali Whitton and Ryan Guettler to murk the Journeys Backyard BBQ in Pennsylvania. They did not disappoint.

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Complex 50 Greatest BMX Logos

07 September 2011, 13.21 | Posted in bmx, history | No comments »

Our homeskillets at Complex have cooked up another dope “50 Greatest” piece, this time bringing BMX vet Taj Mihelich in to curate a list of the 50 best BMX logos ever created. Click through here for a walk down 20 inch memory lane.

Nike Presents: The Pool

21 April 2011, 14.15 | Posted in advertising, bmx, videos | 2 comments »

Nike just dropped this teaser for their next BMX campaign, The Pool. This is so well done, we’d watch it even if there’s no BMX in it all. One question though, Where’s Nigel? Via Defgrip.

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Defgrip x Bicycle Film Festival

11 March 2010, 19.16 | Posted in blogs, bmx, festivals, films | No comments »

Edumacated BMX blog Defgrip has announced that they are linking up with the Bicycle Film Festival to present the BMX shorts category at the 2010 Bicycle Film Festival. The Defgrip crew will be curating the BMX category to help find the best up and coming or simply underexposed BMX filmmakers in the world. Their selections will be screened in over 30 cities across the globe, so it aint no joke. Deadline for submission is March 27, 2010. Go here for full rules.

Out Of Style Trailer

12 August 2009, 12.11 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

This is rad on a bunch of levels. Full DIY shred craze from Tallinn, Estonia. No idea who these dues are but they are ripping. Maybe this helps: Пришло время (а может мы погорячились) выложить небольшой демонстрационный ролик видеопроекта, над которым мы работаем в течение этого года. Не буду многословным (слово к катанию не пришьёшь), просто смотрите демку, она полностью отражает атмосферу грядущего видео. Таже скажу, что трюки, использованные в демке – это черновой материал, большинство из которого годно только для демо. Via The Come Up.

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Nike 6.0 BMX “Beat Gas”

30 June 2009, 18.36 | Posted in bmx, environment, videos | No comments »

Nike 6.0 BMX has joined the fight against the planet’s over reliance on gasoline by teaming up with Beat Gasoline, an organization trying to reduce gas use. To launch their campaign they dropped this rad PSA of Dennis Enarson, Garrett Reynolds, Nigel Sylvester, and Mike Spinner ripping around London and demonstrating what we all know is true: skating or riding any city is way more fun than driving a car. They are also running a contest for the best home made videos illustrating this point. Winners will get product and a donation to charities of their choice. Go here to enter.

Nike “Lightning Bolts” Hollywood Event Recap

15 December 2008, 01.20 | Posted in bmx | No comments »

LIGHTNING BOLTS presented by Nike 6.0 and ARF from Glenn PP Milligan on Vimeo.

A couple of weeks ago we announced the Nike “Lightning Bolts” event that took place in Hollywood from December 11th to 14th. Thanks to Nigel Sylvester, we have a nice video recap from the event. More info on the event can be found here.

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The Shadow Conspiracy Holiday 2008 Collection

10 November 2008, 12.25 | Posted in bmx, Fashion | 1 comment »

BMX centered Shadow Conspiracy launches their holiday 2008 collection next week. The offerings include many of the basics — thermals, crews, zip hoodies and caps. Among the more interesting items is the mesh backed hat, with embossed foam front. Graphically, typography leads the charge. As you may expect greys and blacks dominate the color schemes. The collection is complemented by The Shadow Conspiracy’s newest team DVD, which drops on December 12, 2008.

Check out selections from The Shadow Conspiracy Holiday 2008 after the jump.

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