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Brain Farm Mercedes C350 Coupe Commercial

03 January 2013, 13.54 | Posted in advertising, cars | No comments »

We have to admit, when we heard that Brain Farm was producing a commercial for Mercedes we envisioned something a little more epic than Rob Kingwill wakeboarding down a groomer. Oh well, hopefully the cash they pocketed goes to shooting the next T-Rice project in 48 frame digi 3D.

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Brain Farm Digital Cinema 2012 Reel

18 April 2012, 15.47 | Posted in films | No comments »

Curt Morgan’s Brain Farm has just released their 2012 Reel, a collection of shots so breathtakingly rad that its gotta make every other production crew out there want to just throw in the towel. On top of that the music was produced by Curt too, watch out Skrillex!