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Masa 2010 Neck Gators

20 October 2009, 16.17 | Posted in Accessories, snowboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Masa 2010 Neck Gators
Masa, the collaborative neck gator brand from Chris Prosser and Darrell Mathes has dropped their first batch of styles. Ranging from simple solids to plaid and camo, and made from 100% face-friendly fleece, each gator comes with it’s own Crown Royal-style drawstring bag, handy for toting all sorts of other inebriants. Ask your local shop to get these if they don’t got ’em already. A look at all the colors after the jump.

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Atmosphere Flagship Opening

18 September 2009, 15.43 | Posted in lifestyle, retail, snowboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Atmosphere Flagship Opening
Unfortunately due to our over-zealously litigious society, the artwork for the Atmosphere Flagship opening has been removed under severe legal penalty. You can still read the original post though and imagine how gnarly it was…
We dropped the news on you last week announcing the new Atmosphere flagship store in Portland, now we have the official artwork for the occasion. The juxtaposition of a bloody mouthed Mickey with dollar signs in his eyes speaks to both founder Chris Prosser’s direct lineage to the Disney clan as well as to his insatiable appetite for blood. Opening party is October 1. Should be a good time.

Introducing Masa

10 September 2009, 12.02 | Posted in Accessories, outerwear, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Introducing Masa
Speaking of Darrell Mathes and his new company Masa…Masa was conceived last year by Darrell’s lifelong homie Chris Prosser of Atmosphere who had a moment of enlightenment while listening to Wu tang’s “Protect Ya Neck.” He realized that even though some companies were making them, there wasn’t a dedicated brand making “sick ass” neck gaiters. One call to Darrell and it was a done deal. Not even out the box yet, the Masa team consists of Andreas Wiig, Justin Bennee, Kyle Clancy, Doran Laybourn, and Nima Jalali, in addition to Mathes. Expect some product peeks very soon.

Atmosphere SFC | New Website

11 April 2009, 02.59 | Posted in apparel, online, outerwear, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Atmosphere Super Fashion Company
Portland Oregon’s Atmosphere Super Fashion Company has just gone through a rebrand and launched their new website today. Definitely a creative bright spot in snowboarding right now, Atmosphere is equally entrenched in streetwear and music and also run a storefront on Hawthorne Blvd on Portland’s south side. According to ASFC founder and creative director Chris Prosser, the new site will predominantly document his exploits ranging from being in Switzerland “testing product”, Norway “testing drinks”, and Japan “testing his game on non-english speakers,” but there is also a web store, product, team and event info, and a blog. For all the fun, go here.