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Colorado Governor Campaign Rap Feat Wyclef

26 September 2014, 09.45 | Posted in craze, Music, politics, weed | No comments »

Ok so it’s hard to watch this with a straight face because well, it’s an acoustic guitar driven rap song by some old dude named Mike Dunafon with ridiculous ad-libs by none other than Wyclef Jean. On the flip side, Dunafon is a bonafide candidate for the Governor of Colorado who wants to keep weed legal, reduce the growing police state and keep big money out of politics. That all being said this may be the hardest “Trap” song out right now! America is crazy!

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Denver is Awesome; and Weird

17 January 2014, 13.06 | Posted in snowboarding, tradeshows, weed | 1 comment »

With the SIA tradeshow coming up we’re getting super excited to pack up and spend some quality time in Denver. There’s lots of reason we like Denver, the least of which is certainly not because weed is legal! Did that sentence even make sense? Anyway, while we were planning out our trip we came up on this pretty funny story about some of Denver’s little known facts, which we encourage you to check out on Ps it’s funnier if you’re high.

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Let’s All Move to Colorado!

01 January 2014, 15.42 | Posted in weed | 4 comments »

We seriously can’t believe this but from the looks at this video of the first dude ever buying recreational bud in Denver that WEED IS LEGAL! Seriously, not to get too hyped but CO has the best shredding in the US, Denver has 300 sunny days a year and there are skateparks and sick nature everywhere, why the fuck are we not all moving to Colorado?! 2014 is off to a damn good start, who’s with us?

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Colorado Shred Season Opens Tomorrow

07 October 2011, 15.15 | Posted in resorts, snowboarding, weather | 1 comment »

We can’t help but me maaad excited about this one – Colorado is opening for shredding tomorrow! Yessir, thanks to whatever death rays are throwing our global ecosystem into chaos, Wolf Creek got 36 inches this week and will be open tomorrow morning for first tracks. Go here to book a trip.

T-1 | We Love Colorado 2010

23 November 2010, 14.55 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

Thank Joe Rich and Terrible One for this goosebump inducing nine minutes of pure Colorado BMX. Seriously, the way Danny Hickerson, Joseph Frans, and Tom Dugan describe the state, you’d think it was another country. As for the riding – out of this world. Via Olivier Rosset.

Colorado Shred Season Begins

25 October 2010, 16.17 | Posted in resorts, snowboarding, weather | No comments »

Gearing up for what everyone hopes will be an El Nino year of epic proportions, Loveland Ski Area in Colorado opened yesterday. As you can see in the photo, three snowboarders bogarted the first chair, you know how we do! Arapaho Basin opens today. Road trip anyone?

Dumping in Colorado

28 October 2009, 23.49 | Posted in resorts, snowboarding, weather | No comments »

Rad Collector - Dumping in Colorado
This is the news we’ve been waiting for! After early snow gave way for some of the earliest mountain openings in 40 years, Colorado just got blessed with its first major dumping. Everybody’s getting hit. For full resort opening and conditions info go here.


Loveland Opens

07 October 2009, 20.37 | Posted in resorts, snowboarding, weather | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Loveland Opens
No f’in way. It’s October 7 and Colorado is open for shred! Taking the title for resort with the earliest legit opening, Colorado’s Loveland just beat out perennial early opener mainstay A-Basin by letting dudes rip today on an 18 inch base of packed pow. For reals, this launch was Lovelnad’s earliest opening in 40 years. The snow gods are kind!

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Snow Falling at Copper

21 September 2009, 11.49 | Posted in resorts, snowboarding, weather | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Snow Falling at Copper
Oh shiznit, it’s finally here! The news from the West this morning is that its dumping on Copper Mountain. At this rate, there ought to be powder fields by the time the November 6 opening day comes around. Copper is going to be extra banging this year with mad Olympians stopping through to take advantage of the new snow-based Woodward. Peep some more pics of the white stuff after the jump.

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Send & Destroy Trailer

14 April 2009, 22.48 | Posted in eco, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Colorado’s Friends of the Environment crew just dropped the trailer for their latest film, “Send & Destroy,” featuring JJ Thomas, Dylan Alito, Colin Spencer, Alex Cutler and a bunch of other dudes lucky enough to be living in pow country. Friends of the Environment is also a crew with a heart and work to keep their eco-imprint low by only releasing their videos online (no packaging) and hiking unless a snowmobile is absolutely needed. They must have strong legs. Via ESPN.