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Vans Introspect: Darrell Mathes

17 January 2014, 12.45 | Posted in interviews, snowboarding, videos | 1 comment »

Darrell Mathes has been one of our favorite shredders for a minute. He’s a chill dude, has crazy style on a snowboard, rips on a skate, and never ever seems to be looking for attention. Watch this rad Vans Introspect min doc and see how he manages to do it all. Enjoy.

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dose | Jamie Lynn

07 November 2013, 10.53 | Posted in history, interviews, snowboarding | 2 comments »

Jamie Lynn is easily one of the top five most influential snowboarders of all time and a true living legend in every sense of the word. Check it out as he talks to Timbo about snowboard history, his nearly 20 years sponsored by Vans, and why the new crop of Vans shredders like Pat Moore, Darrell Mathes and Zac Marben are keeping him as stoked on snowboarding as he ever was. This sick edit by Eddie Grams also includes the Vans team skating NYC and Jamie Lynn and Zac Marben’s jam session at the House of Vans in Brooklyn. Hit Network A for more.

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dose | Darrell Mathes on Videograss

26 October 2012, 12.50 | Posted in interviews, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Darrell Mathes slid through NYC recently to host a double premiere for Videograss with Vans and WeSC and took some time out to talk about the Videograss movement with Tim Brodhagen. Catch up with one of snowboarding’s smoothest operators on the latest dose. Then head to Network A’s Facebook for a chance to get a free pair of Vans Hi-Standard boots and a WeSC Jakobi Plus jacket.

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WeSC x Aspen

24 August 2010, 13.04 | Posted in lifestyle, Parties, retail, snowboarding | No comments »

WeSC just dropped in to the heart of shred country heavy with the opening of their new flagship store in Aspen, Colorado. With shredders Darrell Mathes and Doran Laybourn leading the charge the WeSC crew turned Cougarville into SoHo, first with a cheese plate and champagne soaked in-store and Videograss premiere, and then with Icelandic electro rockers and fellow WeActivists Steed Lord turning it out at the after party. Radcollector’s got the exclusive first look at the video. Stay tuned for our sick WeSC giveaway coming soon!

Masa 2010 Neck Gators

20 October 2009, 16.17 | Posted in Accessories, snowboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Masa 2010 Neck Gators
Masa, the collaborative neck gator brand from Chris Prosser and Darrell Mathes has dropped their first batch of styles. Ranging from simple solids to plaid and camo, and made from 100% face-friendly fleece, each gator comes with it’s own Crown Royal-style drawstring bag, handy for toting all sorts of other inebriants. Ask your local shop to get these if they don’t got ’em already. A look at all the colors after the jump.

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Videograss Premiere SLC

17 September 2009, 16.34 | Posted in films, premieres, snowboarding | No comments »

In more news from the Mormon state, Bonfire and Salomon have announced that they will be jointly presenting the much anticipated premiere of Darrell Mathes‘ opus Videograss. On October 3rd at 7pm the new wave of shred cinema will go live at the University of Utah’s Fine Arts Auditorium. Shit’s free and every rider in the flick is gonna be there so you know it’s gonna be epic. Full info after the jump.

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Introducing Masa

10 September 2009, 12.02 | Posted in Accessories, outerwear, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Introducing Masa
Speaking of Darrell Mathes and his new company Masa…Masa was conceived last year by Darrell’s lifelong homie Chris Prosser of Atmosphere who had a moment of enlightenment while listening to Wu tang’s “Protect Ya Neck.” He realized that even though some companies were making them, there wasn’t a dedicated brand making “sick ass” neck gaiters. One call to Darrell and it was a done deal. Not even out the box yet, the Masa team consists of Andreas Wiig, Justin Bennee, Kyle Clancy, Doran Laybourn, and Nima Jalali, in addition to Mathes. Expect some product peeks very soon.

Darrell Mathes Interview

10 September 2009, 11.45 | Posted in interviews, snowboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Darrell Mathes Interview
ESPN Action has a sick new interview up with Darrell Mathes. Portland, Oregon’s smoothest pimp on snow is a WeActivist and the co-founder of Masa, a new neck gaiter brand slated to launch this season. He is also the man behind the most anticipated shred flick of the season: VideoGrass. Read the whole thing here and be sure to peep the exclusive VideoGrass outtakes.