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Red Bull Streets & Avenues | Dave Ortiz

22 October 2013, 18.14 | Posted in bmx, interviews, lifestyle, videos | 1 comment »

The next subject of Red Bull’s Streets & Avenues series is L.E.S fixture, former BMX pro and Zoo York brand man Dave Ortiz. Ortiz also happens to be the creative originator of Dave’s Quality Meats, better known as DQM, and now Dave’s Wearhouse and Another Whip Bicycles. Get a take on the New New York as well as some Old New York history from a man that has seen a lot.

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Dave’s Wear House is Open

13 July 2011, 17.46 | Posted in shops, Skateboarding | No comments »

Our homie & NYC skate guru Dave Ortiz is back in the game strong with a brand new retail shop appropriately named Dave’s Wear House. We stopped by the Chinatown shop where Dave and Kevin gave us a tour of the new space and all the custom fixtures. These guys really paid a close attention to detail and we have to say the spot looks dope! If you’re in the area go check it out at 123 Baxter Street between Canal and Hester. Expect to hear more on the store soon and peep some pics of the joint after the jump.

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DC Shoes | Dave Ortiz- “Never Underestimate your Opponent” NVRBRKN

13 July 2011, 12.00 | Posted in retail, Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment »

DC Shoes tapped Dave Ortiz as an advocate for its “NVRBRKN” campaign that preaches overcoming adversity. After a long hiatus from being a successful retailer, Dave is back with a new retail concept in NYC called Dave’s Wear House. Get a look at the new shop.

Squishy New York

25 February 2010, 18.40 | Posted in apparel, Fashion, lifestyle | No comments »

Rad Collector Columnist Michael Cohen got the drop on the latest venture from DQM’s Dave Ortiz, Squishy NYC. If you’ve been in the Lower East Side of Manhattan whether you know Dave or not, you seen Squishy the almost super human pug that runs that hood as his private fiefdom. Check out the Squishy NYC sneak preview here and also check Squishy’s blog at Hearty Magazine.

Shut | Eyes Wide Shut Gallery

30 October 2009, 15.51 | Posted in Parties, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Shut Eyes Wide Shut Gallery
Shut and Dave Ortiz got their Halloween on early last night with their Berentzen-fueled “Eyes Wide Shut” party at 200 Orchard. There were some of the biggest names in NYC skate in the house – see if you can figure out who they were. All the heads after the jump.

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Shut x Dave Ortiz x Halloween

28 October 2009, 12.14 | Posted in lifestyle, Parties, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Shut x Dave Ortiz x Halloween
If you’ve never experienced it, Halloween in NYC is one of the most bananas nights of the year. Since it falls on a Saturday this year, the holiday is being stretched out to a good four day affair. In that vein, Shut and Dave Ortiz are getting together to throw a masquerade party on Thursday the 29th. They are so serious about the masquerade part that they are even providing masks to people who lame out and don’t bring one. From the looks of this invite, this is gonna be proper. Full info after the jump.

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