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DC Shoes | Dave Ortiz- “Never Underestimate your Opponent” NVRBRKN

13 July 2011, 12.00 | Posted in retail, Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment »

DC Shoes tapped Dave Ortiz as an advocate for its “NVRBRKN” campaign that preaches overcoming adversity. After a long hiatus from being a successful retailer, Dave is back with a new retail concept in NYC called Dave’s Wear House. Get a look at the new shop.

DC Shoes: Lighter Moments Featuring Rob Dyrdek

05 July 2011, 21.22 | Posted in comedy, Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

We brought you some advance news on Unilite, DC’s new proprietary shoe material, now check out this behind the scenes action at the Unilite commercial shoot with Rob Dyrdek, Chris Cole, Mikey Taylor, Giovanni Reda, Michael Rapaport and Nick Swordson.

DC Shoes | Chris Cole Signature Shoe Commercial

01 July 2011, 12.46 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers, videos | No comments »

It was only a matter of time until DC gave Chris Cole his own signature shoe. Here’s the commercial for the Chris Cole S.

FTC For The Cash Behind The Scenes Edit

10 May 2011, 14.02 | Posted in contests, Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

FTC’s For the Cash contest is quickly becoming an industry favorite due to its laid back vibe of homies skating for fun while also getting a crack at some dinero. Take a look at this behind the scenes edit from For the Cash 2 presented by DC on April 19.

DC Welcomes Mikey Taylor To Its Skate Team

04 May 2011, 15.35 | Posted in news, Skateboarding | No comments »

DC is proud to announce it has signed pro Mikey Taylor to its skate team. Look for Mikey to make his first appearance with the DC team at the upcoming 2011 Street League DC Pro Tour.

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DC | Bondo Landau

11 April 2011, 17.40 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers | No comments »

DC just released the second shoe of their “Common Bond” series, the Bondo Landau. The Landau’s Grey colorway represents the color of Bondo before it’s mixed. The premium cracked suede full grain leather on the Landau to replicate concrete, and red swirls on the sole of the shoe to represent when hardener is mixed in with Bondo. Go here to watch a video about the shoe featuring Chris Cole, Matt Miller, Josh Kalis and Marquise Henry.

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DC Destructive Creatures Trailer

22 February 2011, 11.58 | Posted in Sneakers, surfing | No comments »

The connection between surfing and DC’s new surf campaign, Destructive Creatures, may be slightly hard to pin down, but the trailer is super fresh. The first video and ad featuring Clay Marzo rolls out on March 15.

Chris Cole On DC

14 January 2011, 17.03 | Posted in news, Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment »

DC just announced the signing of heavy hitter Chris Cole to their team. Having a dude that has won practically every contest out there isn’t a bad addition. Check out his welcome edit above and look for his DC signature line to drop soon.

Rob Dyrdek | Make Your Own Luck

22 December 2010, 12.58 | Posted in apparel, Skateboarding | 3 comments »

Rob Dyrdek just dropped this animated teaser for his “Make Your Own Luck” apparel line with DC. Haters gon hate, but we like it. Rob Dyrdek is from Bumblefuck, Ohio and turned himself into one of the biggest skateboarding celebrities/money getters of all time. You can’t front on that.

DC Ken Block Collection

11 December 2010, 18.09 | Posted in apparel | No comments »

Speaking of Ken Block, his Gymkhana-inspired collection with DC is now available. Check out the full line of sweatshirts, tees and hats from #43 after the jump.

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