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New Rob Dyrdek MTV Show: “Fantasy Factory”

04 February 2009, 22.15 | Posted in Skateboarding, tv | 24 comments »

Guess who’s bizack?! Rob Dyrdek will be returning to MTV this Sunday, February 8th, with his all new MTV reality show “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.” Picking up where “Rob and Big” left off, “Fantasy Factory” will center around Dyrdek’s top secret Dyrdek Enterprises headquarters and the various hustles Dyrdek is involved with including developing his own line for DC, starting a toy company and building his own indoor skate plaza. Expect cameos from Ken Block, Danny Way, Lindsey Robertson and a host of Dyrdekian supporting cast members. The first episode of “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” airs this Sunday at 9pm EST/PST. Check out a couple more shots of Rob courtesy of MTV after the jump.

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DC x Mark Penxa 2010 PBJ Series

02 February 2009, 18.39 | Posted in artist collaboration, snowboarding, snowboards | No comments »

DC has teamed up with Detroit based skate artist Mark Penxa to create the graphics for their 2010 PBJ Series. A true twin jib board made especially for street and park riding, the PBJ’s skate heritage is called out by Penxa’s psycho animal pencil and ink drawings. Check out an excerpt from DC’s interview with Penxa from their 2010 Snow Book:

The initial idea was a couple boards with a yeti snow monster from those old marionette Christmas stories. Then it changed to a whole series based on these sort of ficticious animals around the MTN.LAB. Taking that old school Jim Phillips skate aesthetic, and making it my own, which I’ve been honored to be associated with. And keeping it ’80’s skating in mind graphic-wise, the project really developed – but it took longer than I tought it would. I usually do a three-board series in a day. If I can’t finish quickly I kinda freak out.

Aaron Bittner came up with an amazing idea that there was this weird zombie infection going through the MTN.LAB, and all the animals living in the shadows had it. The top sheet graphics are each animal hanging on the wall like taxidermy. Since he created this whole story about the infection, there were a dozen people wondering who killed these things. Did Ken Block kill all these animals? Porupines had attacked his dogs so maybe he did it to save the LAB. Aaron has a monkey on his new board – maybe the monkey did it? It got real comic booky, real fast.

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