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dose | Oakley’s Snowboarding: For Me in NYC

07 November 2014, 13.11 | Posted in films, premieres, snowboarding | No comments »

Oakley rolled into NYC this week for the premier of their new film “Snowboarding: For Me,” a documentary of epic proportions featuring what is arguably the best group of snowboarders living and riding today. Check it out as Timbo talks to Nicolas Muller, Jake Blauvelt, and Eero Ettala about what it was like be a part of such a major project. “Snowboarding: For Me” is available on iTunes now.

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Method TV Episode 30.2 | Eero Ettala

12 May 2010, 12.42 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Method TV has an exclusive interview with Eero Ettala talking about his new movie project, the current state of the snowboarding industry, and of course a lot of shred action. Enjoy!

Eero Ettala Wins X Games Slopestyle

01 February 2010, 15.10 | Posted in Competitions, snowboarding | No comments »

Things couldn’t be better for Eero Ettala. The Finnish heartthrob parlayed his first year without a video part into a starring role on his own TV show, some ill new sig Oakley goggles, and his first ever X Games gold. The smile on his face after he stomps his switch double back flip says it all.

Tracking Eero BC Episode #2

21 December 2009, 21.22 | Posted in snowboarding, tv | No comments »

For the second portion of Eero’s Ettala’s time in British Columbia filming for “Tracking Eero”, he really got the trip of a lifetime, full-on pow sessions with living legend Terje Haakonsen and buck wile young buck Jake Blauvelt. Here’s a teaser until the full thing comes out next year. Tracking Eero airs on Fuel on Sunday’s at 8:30.

Tracking Eero | BC Episode

15 December 2009, 18.53 | Posted in snowboarding, tv, videos | No comments »

Continuing to achieve some pretty epic career “firsts” during the course of his Fuel show “Tracking Eero,” Eero Ettala got to pop off his first heli mission while in British Columbia last year as he shredded with Danny Kass and Torstein Horgmo. Everything was lovely until the trees attacked. “Tracking Eero” runs on Fuel on Sundays at 8:30 on both coasts.

Tracking Eero | Japan Episode

10 December 2009, 11.05 | Posted in snowboarding, tv, videos | No comments »

Continuing on his televised global shred trek known as “Tracking Eero,” Eero Ettala next hit Japan alongside of Kevin Pearce and Nico Muller prior to winning his second Toyota Big Air. The crew lucked out and got dumped on every single day as you can see is this ridiculously powder filled clip. The full episode drops on Fuel on January 3, check your local listings aight?

Tracking Eero | Russia Episode

01 December 2009, 12.48 | Posted in snowboarding, tv, videos | No comments »

Ever since the days of Red Dawn, it’s been every kid’s dream to get behind the Iron Curtain and see what Russia is all about. Now in the modern day, we also know that they have faucets that flow vodka, women who’s sense of their own beauty totally escapes them, and tons of shreddable terrain. This is exactly why Eero Ettala’s raddest episode of his “Tracking Eero” series is the Russia Episode. Peep some highlights above and after the jump hear Eero talk about Russia in his own words. Dasvidaniya.

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Eero Ettala “Tracking Eero” Video Part

17 November 2009, 18.05 | Posted in snowboarding, tv, videos | No comments »

With Mack Dawg not doing a film this year Eero Ettala was looking at having the first season in a long time without a video part. Luckily he just spent half a year filming for his TV show “Tracking Eero” and had mad footage to synch up into a video part of his own. Good thinking dude! Here it is, what he’s calling “one of the most well rounded video parts I have ever put out.”

Oakley Tracking Eero Premier Recap

30 October 2009, 20.03 | Posted in Parties, snowboarding, tv | No comments »

Rad Collector - Oakley Tracking Eero Premier Recap
While the Shut crew was mobbin the lower east side, the west side of town was poppin last night too with the Oakley throwdown for Tracking Eero. Eero Ettala, Jake Blauvelt, Eiki Helgason, and Tanner Hall did it up proper at the Red Bull Space with a mob of shred heads, Oakley bigwigs and Fuel camera crews while DJ Jacyeeoh turned it into a real ho-down. Peep the pics after the jump.

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Oakley Tracking Eero Premiere

29 October 2009, 14.34 | Posted in premieres, snowboarding, tv | No comments »

Rad Collector - Oakley Tracking Eero Premiere
The Oakley Army has invaded NYC tonight for the world premiere of “Tracking Eero,” their new series on Fuel TV. Eero Ettala, Jake Blauvelt and Eiki Helgason have all dropped in for the event at the Red Bull Space in Soho with DJ Jayceeoh on the decks. It’s gonna be rammed out but worth it if you can get in. First 100 get custom Tracking Eero goggles and a beanie. Full info after the jump.

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