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Switchback | Eiki Helgason 2014 Pro Model

14 February 2013, 13.29 | Posted in bindings, snowboarding | 2 comments »

We’ve got another sneak peek from Switchback Bindings’ 2014 line. Check out company founder and one half of Eiki Helgason’s rad new pro model. Are any of you riding Switchback yet? If so, let us know what you think of them. Another look after the jump.

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Renee Renee x The Helgasons

01 June 2010, 14.14 | Posted in interviews, snowboarding | No comments »

The brothers Helgason, talented bloggers in their own right, have posted a bit of some of their conversations with Radcollector Columnist Extraordinaire Renee Renee from the DC MTN LAB this winter. Enjoy.

Helgason Session at DC MTN.LAB

05 February 2010, 18.12 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | 1 comment »

Wanna know why the Helgasons are so damn good? Because they have access to the DC MTN.LAB at their fingertips. If you had rails, private pow stashes and a massive airbag at your disposal you might be able to win Snowboarder Rookie of the Year, Transworld Rookie of the Year, X Games Big Air, and Transworld Riders Choice award too. Halldor and Eiki going big with a cameo huck by Renee Renee. Video by Johannes Brenning.

Tracking Eero | Russia Episode

01 December 2009, 12.48 | Posted in snowboarding, tv, videos | No comments »

Ever since the days of Red Dawn, it’s been every kid’s dream to get behind the Iron Curtain and see what Russia is all about. Now in the modern day, we also know that they have faucets that flow vodka, women who’s sense of their own beauty totally escapes them, and tons of shreddable terrain. This is exactly why Eero Ettala’s raddest episode of his “Tracking Eero” series is the Russia Episode. Peep some highlights above and after the jump hear Eero talk about Russia in his own words. Dasvidaniya.

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Oakley Tracking Eero Premier Recap

30 October 2009, 20.03 | Posted in Parties, snowboarding, tv | No comments »

Rad Collector - Oakley Tracking Eero Premier Recap
While the Shut crew was mobbin the lower east side, the west side of town was poppin last night too with the Oakley throwdown for Tracking Eero. Eero Ettala, Jake Blauvelt, Eiki Helgason, and Tanner Hall did it up proper at the Red Bull Space with a mob of shred heads, Oakley bigwigs and Fuel camera crews while DJ Jacyeeoh turned it into a real ho-down. Peep the pics after the jump.

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Oakley Tracking Eero Premiere

29 October 2009, 14.34 | Posted in premieres, snowboarding, tv | No comments »

Rad Collector - Oakley Tracking Eero Premiere
The Oakley Army has invaded NYC tonight for the world premiere of “Tracking Eero,” their new series on Fuel TV. Eero Ettala, Jake Blauvelt and Eiki Helgason have all dropped in for the event at the Red Bull Space in Soho with DJ Jayceeoh on the decks. It’s gonna be rammed out but worth it if you can get in. First 100 get custom Tracking Eero goggles and a beanie. Full info after the jump.

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People Creative | “Nice Try” Teaser

10 July 2009, 14.10 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

You want gnarly? Peep the teaser for Nice Try, the new flick coming from People Creative, the heads behind We’re People Too and Down With People. There’s mad talent in this one: Wille Yli-Luoma, Seth Huot, Robbie Walker, Eiki Helgason, Lucas Debari, Zac Marben, Shaun Mckay, Will Tuddenham, Jon Kooley, Curtis Ciszek, Bryan Fox, Louie Fountain, Josh Mills, Jonas Carlson, Ricky Tucker, and Max Baillargeon all going ballistic to “Will” by Ashkira. Via Transworld.

Eiki Helgason | Go Skateboarding Day Video

08 July 2009, 14.01 | Posted in Skateboarding, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Rome pro rider Eiki Helgason is one of the sickest shredders in the game right now. Check him out dispelling the myth that snowboarders can’t skate in this video Eiki and his brother Haldor made on Go Skateboarding Day. By the way, how many skate parks have mountains like that in the background – damn! Via Laura Austin.