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Ken Block WRC Rally Mexico Video

24 March 2010, 13.52 | Posted in cars, videos | No comments »

Ken Block’s reinvention as a rally car racer seems to be going in the right direction. Even though he didn’t place at the Rally Guanajuato Bicentenario Mexico, he also wasn’t dead last. Definitely not bad for the only American on the race, Ford has got to be stoked.

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Ken Block x Ford | 2010 Fiesta

27 January 2010, 11.47 | Posted in cars | No comments »

Yep, it’s true, Ken Block has a new whip. Behold the Monster Energy World Rally Team 2010 Ford Fiesta that Mr Block will no doubt be hucking and jiving all over the interwebz for the next year. Say what you want about Ford, the shit is pretty rad. Some still shots after the jump.

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Ken Block x Ford x Angry Hitler

24 January 2010, 14.56 | Posted in cars, comedy, team | 2 comments »

So yes it’s true, Ken Block has left longtime car sponsor Suburu for the deeper pockets and further ranging vehicle classes of Ford. We know these Hitler vids are a dime a dozen these days, but this one is hella funny for real. Keep an eye out for Ken’s new Focus coming soon.

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2009 Ford Flex: Graff Flex x Danny D x Slick

13 January 2008, 00.19 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Slick and Danny D combine the world of graff with custom low-rider culture on this paint scheme for Ford’s pre-production prototype of their latest model “Flex”, due to drop summer ‘08. Watch the video here below to see the process and the impressive outcome!

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