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Burton x Full Bleed | “Joystick” Release Event Edit

Skateboarding and snowboarding collide with the release of the “Joystick “series of snowboards by Burton featuring images from New York City skateboard photography book Full Bleed. Burton’s Soho Flagship store hosted TheGoodLife! produced launch event for the 2013 collaboration where guests enjoyed treats from The Meatball Shop with drinks from PBR, Smirnoff, and music by DJ Smoke L.E.S.. The Crosby Press was in the mix and got a chance to connect with the books creator, Alex Corporan and Radcollector’s Brad Clarke for their thoughts about the epic night. Peep the edit and go here to see the pics.

Burton x Full Bleed “Joystick” Release Event

Last night the vanguard of NYC skateboarding and snowboarding connected for the launch of the Joystick series of snowboards by Burton featuring images from the book Full Bleed. TheGoodLife! powered event featured a first look at the series with Full Bleed’s Alex Corporan, Ivory Serra, and Andre Razo, a silent auction to assist the Red Cross’s Sandy efforts, music by DJ Smoke L.E.S. and refreshments from PBR, Smirnoff, and The Meatball Shop. Check out a full gallery from Jake Breinholt after the jump.

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Radcollector Exclusive: Burton x Full Bleed

When it comes to collabs it doesn’t get better than the Burton x Full Bleed marriage of skate and snow. Properly named the “Joystick”, Burton has placed iconic NYC skate photos from the book on a three board set. Full Bleed author/curator Alex Corporan gives us a sneak peek at a board that features a photo of Harold Hunter. Peep the video and then hit the jump for a few more looks. Photos by Brad Clarke.

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Full Bleed x Ace Hotel | Room #1022 Edit

27 June 2011, 12.27 | Posted in hotels, photography, Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment » caught up with Alex Corporan and Ivory Serra while they put the finishing touches on the Full Bleed installation of room #1022 at the Ace Hotel. Peep the interview about turning a hotel room in a NYC skate shrine.

Full Bleed x Ace Hotel

22 June 2011, 13.14 | Posted in hotels, photography, Skateboarding | No comments »

Full Bleed creators Alex Corporan, Ivory Serra, and Andre Razo were commissioned by the Ace Hotel to create a themed room based on the New York City skate photography book. So if you’re in NYC and need a room, head to the Ace Hotel and request room 1022 to stay in this sick piece of skate history.

Full Bleed | Clic Gallery Signing

15 December 2010, 13.51 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

Last night Clic Gallery hosted a signing with the creators of the NYC skateboard photography book Full Bleed. Take a look at the edit KarmaloopTv did with one of books creators, veteran NYC skateboarder Alex Corporan.

Full Bleed | Book Signing at Clic Gallery

08 December 2010, 13.53 | Posted in books, Events, Skateboarding | No comments »

Full Bleed creators Alex Corporan, Ivory Sera, and Andre Razo will host a book signing for the New York City skate photography book at Clic Gallery in Soho on Tuesday, December 14th from 6- 8pm. Make sure to get your copy of NYC skate history signed in time for the holidaze. For more details go here.

Full Bleed | Rodney Torres Interview

30 September 2010, 16.26 | Posted in interviews, Skateboarding | No comments »

Vice’s Full Bleed blog has an interview up with Rodney Torres. The NYC native talks about shredding the streets of New York for over two decades, his photos in Full Bleed and the wide variety of projects he’s worked on. Read the full interview and watch some of Rodney’s footage here.

Full Bleed Video Recap

19 July 2010, 10.27 | Posted in books, Events, videos | 1 comment »

We’ve brought you a ton of stuff on Full Bleed over the last several weeks, and with good cause, there won’t be a document on NYC skateboarding of this magnitude for some time after this. In4mant Rhandy Tambio put together this dope edit from the closing party at Milk with some of the legends responsible for making the movement happen.

GoodWoodNYC x Full Bleed

14 July 2010, 18.03 | Posted in Accessories, books, collabs, Skateboarding | No comments »

GoodWoodNYC continues to be everywhere, this time doing some super limited edition pieces for the closing party of Full Bleed. They’ve got super sick detail of the cover of the book on this one as well as Milk, SHUT, and GoodWood branding on the back. Another look after the jump.

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