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POW Weedji Board

01 August 2013, 10.36 | Posted in collabs, Skateboarding | No comments »

We meant to post this sick new “Weedji” board from POW Skateboards last week but then, well, you know how the song goes… Anyway, here’s our vote for one of the most creative decks of the year. Sure the Ouija idea has been done before but peep the “planchette” by GoodWoodNYC after the jump to see why it’s next level.

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SHUT x GoodWoodNYC | iPhone Case Collection

17 January 2013, 23.46 | Posted in Accessories, phones, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

SHUT has taken their cache of classic graphics and flipped them into a collection of wood iPhone cases with Brooklyn’s GoodWoodNYC. Available in natural and black wood and for both iPhone 4/4S and 5, you can get one in seven graphic variations here. See them all after the jump.

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Hoods to Woods x GoodWoodNYC Ltd Edition Bracelet

21 December 2012, 14.34 | Posted in feel good, Fundraisers, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Since you’re not dead maybe its time to start doing something positive with your life. A perfect first step would be to go and buy one of these Hoods to Woods x GoodWoodNYC bracelets to support Brooklyn’s raddest youth empowerment through shred organization. Only $20 goes a long way! Show your support now exclusively through Bird’s Eye Board shop.

TheGoodLife! Pro Series Domino Set

17 August 2012, 16.37 | Posted in Accessories, collabs | 2 comments »

It’s too hot to skate, but no snow to shred so you might as well spend the rest of the summer playing dominoes. As part of their Family Dinner x Domino Night series of events in NYC, TheGoodLife! has seen games featuring P-Rod, Travis Rice, Danny Kass, Pat Moore, Justin Bennee, Darrell Mathes, Louie Vito and many more. Now they’ve released their “Pro Series” set featuring hand painted lazer etched black dominoes, custom wooden box with secret storage from GoodWoodNYC, a hemp score book from Canvas Society, and a TheGoodLife! Bic lighter and pencil. Only 50 sets are available here. More looks after the jump.

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TheGoodLife! x GoodWood Ltd Edition Dominoes and Table

06 January 2012, 09.30 | Posted in Accessories, lifestyle, videos | 1 comment »

What do P-Rod, T-Rice, Pat Moore, Danny Kass, Justin Bennee, Darrell Mathes, Trouble Andrew, and Louie Vito have in common besides the fact that they all rip? When they come to NYC, they all get in on some domino action with TheGoodLife! crew. Now TheGoodLife!’s custom domino set and domino table are available for true domino connoisseurs. Hand made in super limited quantities in Brooklyn, NY by GoodWoodNYC, the dominoes feature 28 1oz hand crafted bones and a custom box with false bottom stash zone while the table features a movable lazer etched domino playing surface, a chess/checkers board on the flip side, full size drink holders, and removable, fold-able legs. More info can be found at or go directly here to purchase. More images after the jump.

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GoodWood | Dia De Los Muertos 4/20

19 April 2011, 13.40 | Posted in Accessories | 2 comments »

Even if it isn’t Dia De Los Muertos or Cindo de Mayo yet, GoodWood’s latest release is a perfect pickup for this week. Why? Because if you look closely, it locks up perfectly with the new Todd Bratrud Cheech and Chong dunks. Swag. Get it here and don’t forget to hit up Scion Partners on the way for the homie deal. Another look after the jump.

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Akomplice x GoodWood | Support Japan

13 April 2011, 11.59 | Posted in collabs, Fundraisers | No comments »

Akomplice and GoodWood have also stepped up to the plate to help Japan with the release of this t-shirt and medallion pack. Proceeds from the collabo will go directly to the government of the prefecture of Iwate. Go here for more info and hit the jump to see the complete collection.

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GoodWood x Jack Threads Bracelet Packs

05 April 2011, 15.11 | Posted in Accessories, collabs | 2 comments »

Continuing to diversify their catalog, GoodWood has linked up with online retailer Jack Threads for an exclusive limited edition bracelet set. The bracelets come in 3 packs with names like “The All Black Everything,” “The Fourth of July,” and “The Rasta” for obvious reasons. Hit the jump for the complete colors.

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Akomplice x GoodWood | Africa Piece

12 February 2011, 21.38 | Posted in Accessories, Fundraisers | 1 comment »

Akomplice has joined GoodWood NYC and Chace Infinite for the latest update of the Africa Piece. The piece, which benefits PumpAid, an organization dedicated to bringing water pumps to Africa, is joined by three Akomplice tee’s and a custom GoodWood box. Go here for more info. Complete looks after the jump.

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GoodWood | Jesus Piece 2011

31 December 2010, 17.40 | Posted in Accessories | 3 comments »

We’ve been big fans of GoodWood for a minute. After collabos with everyone from DC to Nike to Full Bleed, they bring it back to their roots for the New Year with an update of their all time best seller, the Jesus Piece. Availble online here. A look at the back after the jump.

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