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Taylor Swift Hearts Greg Bretz

23 December 2014, 14.53 | Posted in craze, WTF | No comments »

This is just surreal. Somehow the world of Taylor fucking Swift has intersected with the world of snowboarding thanks to Greg Bretz and his snowmobile. Could this be the end as we know it? Via TMZ.

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Nike 6.0 Greatest Hits Videos

02 March 2010, 19.16 | Posted in Events, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Amidst all the chaos of Vancouver, Nike 6.0 threw a mellow rail jam on the sun soaked slopes of Mt Seymour called Greatest Hits last weekend. With the ocean and the city skyline sparkling in the background, local Van shredders got to hit full scale recreations of the Red Ledge, Burlington Double Set, and a BC Electrical Box while Louie Vito, Greg Bretz, and Elena Hight got to have their first chill-out day on the hill all year. Here’s Greg and Louie as well as some of the action from the day. Read more on ESPN.