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5Boro | NYC Subway Roll Sign Decks

15 April 2013, 11.46 | Posted in decks, Skateboarding | 2 comments »

Referencing the vintage New York City Subway destination “roll signs”, 5Boro combines their favorite skate spots and stops to create the Subway Roll Sign decks. These decks will go fast so head over to to cop one and hit the jump to see a gallery of photos shot downtown featuring NYC skate legend Harry “OG” Jumonji.

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Harry Jumonji Documentary

04 February 2013, 14.19 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

If you know anything about NYC skateboarding or the L.E.S then you know about one of its legends, Harry Jumonji. For those of you that suck or don’t know shit you’re in luck. A new documentary on Harry gives you a look at his dark days in a grittier NYC, his time in prison, and becoming a father. Peep the trailer above.

Harry Jumonji x Maino x Chop Shop

12 January 2010, 23.53 | Posted in Random, videos | No comments »

This is some classic shit. Peep the rapper Maino get completely upstaged by a shirtless Harry Jumonji during a promo shoot at Frank’s Chop Shop in the LES. It coulda been Obama up in the piece and Harry woulda still been regulating like what? Jumonji is downtown OG.

Halloween Hellraiser Recap

02 November 2009, 10.48 | Posted in contests, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Halloween Hellraiser Recap
Alex Corporan and Billy Rohan’s Halloween Hellraiser went off yesterday during a brief reprieve from NYC’s persistently shitty weather. The Open Road Roof at the New Design High School drew both groms and legends in pursuit of 3G’s in prizes. At the end of it all everyone was a winner as the kids grabbed cash at every feature while OG’s like Harry Jumonji and Derek Rinaldi showed them that skating stays with you for life. More pics after the jump.

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