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Complex | The 25 Best Skateboards of the 2000’s

04 January 2012, 11.50 | Posted in Art, decks, Skateboarding | No comments »

We collaborated with our friends at Complex for a their latest “25 Best” feature, a list of the raddest skateboards from 2000-2009 by Homage’s Jose Portes as told to RC’s Tim Brodhagen. Read the full feature here.

éS x Homage Skateshop | Know The Ledge Contest

09 July 2010, 14.45 | Posted in contests, Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

Tomorrow, July 10th, éS and Homage Skateshop in Brooklyn will be hosting a Know The Ledge Contest. Skaters from all over submitted video of their best ledge tricks and viewers chose the top ten skaters that will skate in the contest. You can see the top ten video submissions here. The winner of the contest will receive $1,000 and a years supply of shoes from éS. Check the Homage Skateshop website tomorrow at 8 PM EST to watch the finals live in HD, and peep the flyer after the jump for info on the after party.

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Homage Bastille Day Video

14 August 2009, 10.41 | Posted in Events, Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

Bastille Day in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn is one of the most random and fun days in the borough due mostly to the rad little skate comp Homage throws for the groms. We had some photos for you right after the event, now check out this video put together by the Homage crew. Sacre bleu!

Homage Brooklyn | Bastille Day

11 July 2009, 19.31 | Posted in Events, Skateboarding | No comments »

Parlez vous Francais, mon amor, merci, oui oui, bons bons and all that good stuff. Homage Brooklyn and UXA are joining forces to present their annual “Fete Du Skateboard” at Brooklyn’s Bastille Day on Smith Street in Cobble Hill tomorrow. There will be a manny comp, best trick, and highest ollie amidst french fries and frog legs at what is definitely the best french-themed event in the city. This is probably a good year to enter considering NYC’s reigning ollie champ, Luis Tolentino, is in Europe at Bright. Via Shut.

Clean Up the Banks

25 March 2009, 23.23 | Posted in Events, Skate Parks | No comments »

Rad Collector - Clean Up the Banks
All, 5boro, Rival, KCDC, Autumn, Homage and more are sponsoring a massive clean up party for the Brooklyn Banks on Saturday April 11. You can pretty much guarantee this is going to turn into some sort of trick contest and that New York’s crew of heavyweights will be around to kick off the start of skate season. Full info after the jump.

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