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Hubba Hummers

24 February 2011, 17.18 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

Wild, wet, and ready to roll all day and night. That’s how you like your women, right? It’s also how you should like your bearings. Peep the new edit from Hubba.


El Furby Taqueria

22 December 2010, 15.18 | Posted in advertising, videos, wheels | No comments »

Hubba has just released this muy excelente ad for Furby’s wheels. Not much other description necessary. Goes nice right after the needy kids video though, eh?

Hubble Wheels | Double D’s and Trees

07 December 2010, 19.16 | Posted in advertising, Skateboarding, wheels | No comments »

You can thank Hubba for making this dream come true. And you got to give it up to Marsha too for having the first breasts with their own signature wheel!

Emerica x Hubba | Stay Gold Wheels

02 September 2010, 17.32 | Posted in collabs, Skateboarding, wheels | No comments »

To celebrate the release of Stay Gold, Emerica and Hubba dropped limited edition gold wheels for team riders Brandon Westgate and Braydon Szafranski. You can cop a pair at your local skate shop along with the DVD.

Donovan Strain Hubba Ad

30 August 2010, 19.13 | Posted in advertising, Skateboarding, wheels | No comments »

Hubba just released this long play commercial featuring new hire Donovan Strain announcing the launch of his new site Stay tuned for launch info on that.

Hubba | Shotgun Video

20 July 2010, 10.40 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment »

This video has two of the things that make life worth living: beers being shotgunned and boobies. Thank you Hubba.


Hubba Wheels “2 Girls 1 Board”

27 May 2010, 18.40 | Posted in girls, Skateboarding, videos | 3 comments »

Once you get started with the Hubba girls, its hard to stop. Here is their technical instruction video on the proper way to put together a complete. Warning: You may have to rewind some parts to make sure you get the technique exactly right.


Hubba Boss Lady Commercial

27 May 2010, 17.23 | Posted in advertising, Skateboarding, wheels | No comments »

For all of our complete viewing pleasure, Hubba Wheels give us this behind the scenes look at the secret of their success. Apparently its all about the Boss.


Hubba Wheels | Good Morning Wood Tee and Mug

17 February 2010, 18.42 | Posted in girls, Skateboarding, t-shirts | No comments »

Hubba Wheels’ daily dose of softcore, Good Morning Wood has spawned its own tee shirt and mug kit. Now if people didn’t know why you always have to “go to the bathroom” right after signing on to you computer in the morning, they will. Go here for order info and be sure to follow Good Morning Wood on Twitter, you can be more discreet on your phone.

Hubba x Farah Fawcett

20 November 2009, 09.42 | Posted in Skateboarding, t-shirts, wheels | No comments »

Rad Collector - Hubba x Farah Fawcett
The dudes at Hubba Wheels just dropped this Farah Fawcett tee. The caption pretty much says it all. Google “Farah Fawcett Skateboard” to see more shots from this classic photo shoot. You gotta love the Cortez’s she’s running too. Available at select skate shops.