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Ammo Javier Nunez Facetime Commercial

12 July 2011, 22.06 | Posted in advertising, decks, Skateboarding | No comments »

Following up their rad short for Felix Arguelles, AMMO has dropped this new commercial for their Facetime series featuring Javier Nunez. As always the kid is straight butters.

Javier Nuñez for Crooks & Castles

02 June 2011, 12.24 | Posted in apparel, Skateboarding | No comments »

Javier Nuñez has been at it since blazing up in Kids when he was 11. Following the release of his new deck with AMMO comes the news that Jav is now skating for Crooks & Castles on the apparel tip. That’s definitely a good look. Check out some more shots from Crooks’ new campaign with Jav after the jump and go here for an interview with him that takes it all the way back.

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AMMO Facetime Series

02 June 2011, 00.37 | Posted in decks, Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

AMMO has just released a super limited edition “Facetime” deck series featuring Felix Arguelles, Javier Nunez, and Manny Santiago. They also dropped this video for the series featuring living legend Felix getting in a DIY feeble grind to big spin out. That’s gangster. Looks at the decks after the jump.

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FMS | Why Skateboarding Feat. Javier Nunez

10 February 2011, 16.10 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers, videos | 3 comments »

FMS and SHUT OG Javier Nunez has been on an ill run since landing a breakout role in HBO’s “How to Make It In America.” The show might be tepid but Jav is red hot. Peep both the FMS Future HighTop as well as SHUT’s Bold Eagle deck in the above edit where Jav breaks down his passion for skateboarding.

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Javier Nunez Interview

12 April 2010, 16.19 | Posted in interviews, Skateboarding | No comments »

We recently showed you Javier’s acting skills as he got some shine on HBO. Now the SHUT pro sits down with Eddie Cruz to discuss skateboarding, acting, and his recent role in “How to make it in America”. Peep the full article here. Via We Resist Simple.

Javier Nunez on HBO

07 April 2010, 17.43 | Posted in Skateboarding, tv | No comments »

We’re not the hugest fans of the show but you can’t front on Javier Nunez getting his shine on HBO. Here’s his first and only scene of the season on How To Make It In America. Via CtotheJL.

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Wilfredo Gomez Pro Model

04 March 2010, 15.05 | Posted in decks, Skateboarding, special editions, tv | No comments »

There is definitely alot of hype around “How to Make it in America,” HBO’s new downtown NYC-based series. Whether the show makes it or not remains to be seen but one thing is for sure, they really went the extra mile in the marketing. Aside from the Green Lantern mixtape and the Alife hats, they’ve gone so far as to produce the pro model deck of the skateboarder character Wilfredo Gomez and are selling it on Since Javier Nunez plays the yet-to-appear character, it only makes sense that Shut made the decks. There’s another Shut connection too, Creative Director Eli Gesner is a consultant. Peep his credit after the jump.

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Shut Wallpaper Pro Series

16 October 2009, 20.32 | Posted in decks, Pro Models, Skateboarding | 4 comments »

Rad Collector - Shut Wallpaper Pro Series
Shut has another fall banger hitting shops right now, the Wallpaper pro series. Featuring decks with Todd Jordan (8 X 32.0625), Tony Manfre (8 X 32.125), Javier Nunez (7.75 X 31.5), and Felix Arguelles (7.5625 X 31.5) illustrated with spooky haunted house-looking light fixtures and wallpaper, these joints should correspond nicely with the upcoming Hallowe’en holiday. Fifty-two bones in case you were wondering.

Shut x Skate Cayman Snaps

03 August 2009, 15.03 | Posted in camps, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Shut x Skate Cayman Snaps
We told you that the Shut team was heading off to the Cayman Islands to take over Skate Cayman this past week. Well the crew is back and sent over some snaps from throughout the session. Shut Concierge Michael Cohen took these pics of Javier Nunez, Todd Jordan and Luis Tolentino having a blast with the campers, the Fuel TV crew, and in the wave pool, which was evidently way more gnarly than anything in the skate park. The Shut x Skate Cayman segment will air on Fuel next month. More pics after the jump.

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Shut x Skate Cayman

27 July 2009, 10.45 | Posted in camps, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Shut x Skate Cayman
Shut‘s Todd Jordan, Luis Tolentino, and Javier Nunez are in for a tough one this week. The three are heading to the Cayman Islands to arguably the illest skatepark in the world for the grueling task of hosting a session of Skate Cayman, the Cayman Island’s skate camp. In it’s first year, Skate Cayman has already had Shaun White, Bucky Lasek and Greg Lutzka and will be featuring Tosh Townend, Rune Glifberg and more in addition to the Shut crew before the end of the summer. Skate Cayman goes down at Black Pearl a 52,000 literal skate paradise. That’s way better than X Games, no?