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Class Preview Video

03 February 2010, 10.10 | Posted in tradeshows, videos | No comments »

Although we aren’t done with the snowboard highlights from Denver, Rad Collector has just touched down in San Diego to see what’s poppin at the Class and Crossroads shows at ASR. Ahh the life of the tradeshow circuit. We’ll have product for you today but for now peep this preview video featuring Jim Shubin getting the Class rundown from show director Jason Bates.


19 January 2010, 18.23 | Posted in shops, tradeshows, videos | 1 comment »

Encinitas California wouldn’t be described as a cultural hub although it is for sure a pretty rad beach town. Despite it having less that 60,000 residents, it is the home to one of the top lifestyle boutiques in the country, UNIV. In this video, ASR’s on-air host, Jim Shubin, get the grand tour from UNIV’s Tim Swart. ASR kicks off on Wednesday, February 3rd in San Diego.


17 September 2009, 17.02 | Posted in lifestyle, tradeshows, videos | No comments »

With a lot of the skate brands that use to anchor it pulling out in recent years, ASR has struggled to maintain it’s relevance as well as attract new brands. From the looks of this clip with Eric Ruhle of WeSC from ASR’s Class last week, it’s looks like they are still doing their thing. Here is Eric and Jim Shubin going through some of the brand’s featured new joints.