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Radcollector Jun Cha Interview

16 December 2010, 13.07 | Posted in Art, interviews | No comments »

Cullen Poythress just did a rad interview with tattoo prodigy Jun Cha. It’s an interesting conversation that ranges from politics to fine art and also touches on what it takes to be commercially viable while retaining your artistic soul, “Commercially you can still do things and be a certain way, but the core of where your work comes from has to come from who you are.” Read the whole thing here.

Rob Dyrdek’s Monster Back Tattoo

08 December 2010, 16.35 | Posted in craze, Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment »

In a move that can only be defined as totally bullshit or totally batshit crazy, Rob Dyrdek has tattooed the Monster Energy logo on his entire back. Check it out as artist Jun Cha hooks him up with some serious brand dedication. If it’s real, they must have wrote him one hell of a check.

Jun Cha Timelapse

02 April 2010, 16.35 | Posted in Art, lifestyle, videos | 1 comment »

If you aren’t familiar with Jun Cha, check out this timelapse video of him doing a charcoal drawing of Immortal Technique. The kid is only 20 years old and it takes months to get an appointment with him for ink.

C1RCA x Jun Cha | Black Tear

02 April 2010, 16.26 | Posted in artist collaboration, Skateboarding, Sneakers | 1 comment »

C1RCA has enlisted the skills of the young master tattoo artist Jun Cha for their latest collaborative shoe. Cha flipped a C1RCA Hatchet into a mercury silver with surprisingly minimalist custom graphics considering how intricate of an artist he can be. The Black Tear will be released at Streets of Venice on April 30. Up close looks and release info after the jump.

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