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Lungie Land Vol. 8

27 November 2009, 13.30 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

If you missed your chance to go shredding on acid back when acid was big, no worries, Deadlung has simulated the experience perfectly for you with Justin Bennee, Cale Zima, and Jake Watson on Lungie Land Volume 8. Although if you were on acid, your boardslides wouldn’t be nearly as buttery.

Lungie Land Volume 7

20 November 2009, 10.01 | Posted in Skateboarding, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Oh snap, you know what time it is, Lungie Land Time! Here is volume 7 from Deadlung featuring Aaron Biittner and Justin Bennee. How many episodes is he gonna make? Has Fuel called yet? These are the best.

Lungie Land

21 October 2009, 11.47 | Posted in Random, snowboarding, videos | 1 comment »

Ever since he got one of the new Nano‘s, Mark Edlund aka Deadlung has been making tripped out “Lungie Land” clips of his homies doin what they do. Which sounds kinda boring unless your homies happen to include Lizard King and Justin Bennee. What’s crazy is that all you need is a $150 iPod to do all this shit. Remember the Walkman?! Via Bataleon.

Introducing Masa

10 September 2009, 12.02 | Posted in Accessories, outerwear, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Introducing Masa
Speaking of Darrell Mathes and his new company Masa…Masa was conceived last year by Darrell’s lifelong homie Chris Prosser of Atmosphere who had a moment of enlightenment while listening to Wu tang’s “Protect Ya Neck.” He realized that even though some companies were making them, there wasn’t a dedicated brand making “sick ass” neck gaiters. One call to Darrell and it was a done deal. Not even out the box yet, the Masa team consists of Andreas Wiig, Justin Bennee, Kyle Clancy, Doran Laybourn, and Nima Jalali, in addition to Mathes. Expect some product peeks very soon.